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The SkyLeap Point Shop can be accessed from the bottom of the Shop page.

The SkyLeap Point Shop allows players to purchase a variety of materials as a reward for using the SkyLeap browser to play.

Earning SkyLeap Points

SkyLeap Points are earned by completing Standard Raids and certain event raid battles (ones that award Renown Pendants). You must use SkyLeap to view the quest reward screen in order to be credited for the points.

The number of points earned is the same as the base amount of Renown Pendants earned (ignoring any bonuses from Campaigns and the R/SR bonus pendants).

Points are not awarded immediately. You will receive them at the next daily reset (05:00 JST) upon checking the Home screen with SkyLeap.

A maximum of 2,000 SkyLeap Points can be earned per day, and 4,000 per week. You can hold up to 20,000 points at a time.

Available Items

SkyLeap Points
Item SkyLeap Points Limit
10,000 1 lifetime
1,000 4/mo
2,500 4/mo
1,000 10/mo
500 20/mo
1,000 10/mo
200 5/mo
500 3/mo
1,000 2/mo
2,000 10/mo
100 10/mo
  • CP square.jpg CP ×500
200 No Limit
200 No Limit