Elemental Halo

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Elemental Halo refers to Fire Halo, Water Halo, Earth Halo and Wind Halo.

They are unique uncapping materials which are mainly used for uncapping Seraphic Weapons. There are no Treasure shop options for them.

For Light and Dark Seraphic Weapons, Fire/Wind and Water/Earth halos are used respectively when uncapping them to 4★. Transcending the Light and Dark Eternals to Stage 1 is also the same. The total amount of halos are unchanged. Uncapping Archangel summons to 4★ is also the same, as with Transcending Dark Opus weapons.


Use Amount
Transcend Eternals to Stage 1 80
Uncap Seraphic Weapon (SR) to 1★ 1
Uncap Seraphic Weapon (SR) to 2★ 1
Uncap Seraphic Weapon (SR) to 3★ 1
Upgrade Seraphic Weapon (SR) to SSR 1
Uncap Seraphic Weapon (SSR) to 4★ 16
Optimus Teluma for Draconic Weapons Fire Halo ×5 and Wind Halo ×5
Omega Teluma for Draconic Weapons Water Halo ×5 and Earth Halo ×5
Transcend Dark Opus Weapons to stage 4 120
Uncap Grand Order and Kaguya (Summon) to 4★ 3 of Each
Uncap Archangel Summons to 4★ 20
Activate Ascendant Prayer for Ultimate Bahamut (Raid) solo 1 of Each
Activate Ascendant Prayer for Lucilius (Raid) solo 5 of Each