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Where to access the Mobage Bonus Point Shop.

The Mobage Bonus Point Shop allows players to spend Mobage Bonus Points (earned from using MobaCoin purchased with real-money currency) to obtain various useful items.

  • You can get 1 bonus point for every 10 MobaCoin used in the computer browser, smartphone browser, or the AndApp version of the game.
  • You can't get bonus points in the iOS or Google Play app versions of the game.
  • The bonus point draw tickets can be used from the Draw screen's Ticket/Other tab.
  • You can't get cerulean sparks by using the bonus point draw tickets.

Available Items

Item Cost Limit
20000 1 lifetime
2000 5/mo
1500 1/mo
600 1/mo
300 3/mo
1500 1/mo
Bonus Point Draw Ticket 300 5/mo
1000 5/mo
1000 5/mo
1000 10/mo
1000 10/mo
800 5/mo
1500 5/mo
300 10/mo
50 10/mo
500 No limit
200 No limit
200 No limit
  • CP ×500
200 No limit