Elemental Halo

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Fire Halo square.jpgWater Halo square.jpgEarth Halo square.jpgWind Halo square.jpg

Elemental Halo refers to Fire Halo, Water Halo, Earth Halo and Wind Halo.
They are unique uncapping materials which are used for uncapping Seraphic Weapons. Currently only four of every element are needed and can be aquired per account. There are no Treasure shop options for them.


Use Amount
Uncap Seraphic Weapon (SR) to 1★ 1
Uncap Seraphic Weapon (SR) to 2★ 1
Uncap Seraphic Weapon (SR) to 3★ 1
Upgrade Seraphic Weapon (SR) to SSR 1


  • Clearing a Primarch's Test on every difficulty for the first time (Normal to Extreme). The halo will appear in your crate.