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The main quest is the overarching story of Granblue Fantasy. Completing main quests will unlock free quests, new islands, raid battles, content in the Shop, and Wonders. Do note that this page may contain spoilers to the story.

Some main quests have a chance of spawning Rare Monsters.

Chapters 1-4[edit]

Mq thumb 1-4.png

Chapters 5-8[edit]

Mq thumb 5-8.png

Chapters 9-12[edit]

Mq thumb 9-12.png

Chapters 13-16[edit]

Mq thumb 13-16.png

Chapters 17-20[edit]

Mq thumb 17-20.png

Chapters 21-24[edit]

Mq thumb 21-24.png

Chapters 25-28[edit]

Mq thumb 25-28.png

Chapters 29-32[edit]

Mq thumb 29-32.png

  • Island: Amalthea Island
  • Boss: Pommern, Lecia and Monika
  • Wonder: Scale of Order

Chapters 33-36[edit]

Mq thumb 33-36.png

  • Island: Former Capital Mephorash
  • Boss: Lecia
  • Wonder: Mystical Golem Kiln

Chapters 37-40[edit]

Mq thumb 37-40.png

  • Island: Lumacie Archipelago
  • Boss: Yggdrasil Malice
  • Wonder: Tattered Parchment

Chapters 41-44[edit]

Mq thumb 41-44.png

Chapters 45-48[edit]

Mq thumb 45-48.png

  • Island: Zinkenstill
  • Boss: Fenrir, Drang and Sturm, Furias
  • Wonder: Golden Apple

Chapters 49-54[edit]

Mq thumb 49-54.png

  • Island: Lumacie Archipelago
  • Boss: Rose Queen, Pommern, Yggdrasil Malice
  • Wonder: Red Leaf of Malice

Chapters 55-62[edit]

Mq thumb 55-62.png

  • Island: Agastia
  • Boss: Furias, Gandharva, Pommern, Fenrir, Leviathan Malice, Mithra Malice, Freesia, Akasha
  • Wonder: Void Blossom

Chapter 63[edit]

Mq thumb 63.png

  • Island: Former Capital Mephorash
  • Boss: Black Knight
  • Wonder: None

Chapter 64[edit]

Mq thumb 64.png

  • Island: Zinkenstill
  • Boss: None
  • Wonder: None

Chapter 65[edit]

Mq thumb 65.png

  • Island: Amalthea Island
  • Boss: None
  • Wonder: None

Chapters 66-69[edit]

Mq thumb 66-69.png

  • Island: Dydroit Belt
  • Boss: Scarlet Knight Baragona, Kikuri
  • Other raids: Huanglong, Qilin
  • Wonder: Atmosphere Afloat

Chapters 70-71[edit]

Mq thumb 70-71.png

  • Island: Former Capital Mephorash
  • Boss: Golems
  • Wonder: None

Chapters 72-73[edit]

Mq thumb 72-73.png

  • Island: Agastia
  • Boss: Freesia
  • Wonder: Delirium Medallion

Chapters 74-77[edit]

Mq thumb 74-77.png

  • Island: North Vast