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The main quest is the overarching story of Granblue Fantasy. Completing main quests will unlock free quests, new islands, raid battles, content in the Shop, Wonders, and in some cases, reward fully uncapped and leveled SSR Omega weapons. Do note that this page may contain spoilers to the story.

Some main quests have a chance of spawning Rare Monsters.

After completing Chapter 1, you have the option to swiftly sail through the story up to Chapter 79. Doing so plays recaps of the skipped chapters and gives you all first clear rewards from the main quests up to that point, but does not reward EXP or RP. Chapters and their recaps can be reread in the Journal.

Chapters 1-4

Mq thumb 1-4.png

Chapters 5-8

Mq thumb 5-8.png

Chapters 9-12

Mq thumb 9-12.png

Chapters 13-16

Mq thumb 13-16.png

Chapters 17-20

Mq thumb 17-20.png

Chapters 21-24

Mq thumb 21-24.png

Chapters 25-28

Mq thumb 25-28.png

Chapters 29-32

Mq thumb 29-32.png

Chapters 33-36

Mq thumb 33-36.png

Chapters 37-40

Mq thumb 37-40.png

Chapters 41-44

Mq thumb 41-44.png

Chapters 45-48

Mq thumb 45-48.png

Chapters 49-54

Mq thumb 49-54.png

Chapters 55-62

Mq thumb 55-62.png

  • Island: Agastia
  • Boss: Furias, Gandharva, Pommern, Fenrir, Leviathan Malice, Mithra Malice, Freesia, Reactor, Akasha
  • Wonder: Void Blossom

Chapter 63

Mq thumb 63.png

Chapter 64

Mq thumb 64.png

Chapter 65

Mq thumb 65.png

Chapters 66-69

Mq thumb 66-69.png

Chapters 70-71

Mq thumb 70-71.png

Chapters 72-73

Mq thumb 72-73.png

Chapters 74-79

Mq thumb 74-77.png

Chapters 80-83

Mq thumb 80-83.png

Chapters 84-85

Mq thumb 84-85.png

Chapters 86-89

Mq thumb 86-89.png

Chapters 90-93

Mq thumb 90-93.png

Chapters 94-97

Mq thumb 94-97.png

  • Island: Groz Island
  • Boss: Tiamat Malice, Leviathan Malice

Chapters 98-100

Mq thumb 98-100.png

Chapter 101

Mq thumb 101.png

Chapters 102-107

Mq thumb 102-107.png

  • Island: Reiche Island
  • Boss: Anissida + Hailak, Ganesha, Scarlet Knight and Golden Knight, Gilbert

Chapters 108-110

Mq thumb 108-110.png

Chapters 111-114

Mq thumb 111-114.png

Chapters 115-118

Mq thumb 115-118.png

Chapter 119

Mq thumb 119.png

Chapter 120-121

Mq thumb 120-121.png

Chapter 122

Mq thumb 122.png

Chapter 123

Mq thumb 123.png

Chapter 124

Mq thumb 124.png

Chapter 125

Mq thumb 125.png

Chapter 126-128

Mq thumb 126-128.png

Chapter 129-130

Mq thumb 129-130.png

Chapter 131-132

Mq thumb 131-132.png

Chapter 133-140

Mq thumb 133-140.png