Tranquio Island

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An idyllic island of bountiful resources. The populace live a pastoral life connected to the land.

Tranquio Island is the location for chapters 159-161 of the main quest.

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Viceroy's Office

Officials and composite primal beast Dryad delegate from inside the cavernous trunk of the island's central tree.

Farm Commune

A semi self-sufficient community where everyone lives in peace and want for nothing. They take pride in the natural bounty they've been blessed with.

Ardley Trail

A vital pathway that connects the viceroy's office, farm fields, and the mines. When the sun goes down, workers flood it as they make their way home.


In addition to wheat and vegetables fields, the area supports paddies thanks to abundant access to fresh water. Given the diversity of crops grown, harvest volume is insulated from blights and other unexpected jolts.


Viceroy's Office

This towering tree watches over the birth and growth of life.

Main Quests

Free Quests

Wakwaaq Island

A destroyed island, forgotten with time. What could it be hiding?

Main Quests

Chapter 161: Lost in Opacity has no battles and costs 0 AP to clear. It is unlocked after clearing Chapter 160 Story: Memory Wipe. You will receive Crystal ×50 after clearing Episode 4.


You will obtain the following items for clicking on the sparkles for the first time: Blue Sky Crystal ×1, Half Elixir ×1, Soul Berry ×1, Full Elixir ×1. By clicking on the sparkles in the following order, Lyria will find a Premium Draw Ticket.

  1. Bottom Right (Ardley Trail)
  2. Bottom Left (Farmlands)
  3. Top Right (Farm Commune)
  4. Top Left (Viceroy's Office)
  5. Top Right (Farm Commune)
  6. Bottom Left (Farmlands)
  7. Bottom Right (Ardley Trail)