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Seraphic Weapons are Fabled Weapons that provide small boost to attack and HP and also boost the final damage of main element characters during elemental superiority. At SR, the final damage will be boosted by 10%, while at SSR, the final damage will be boosted by 20% or 23% (at 4★). These weapons provide great cost/power ratio on lower levels and grow stronger as you progress through the game, therefore they are a good choice for new players. In addition, they work well for higher level players by increasing the damage cap when fighting on-element, and potentially increase survivability through the Majesty Weapon Skill. Only one copy of each Seraphic weapon can be obtained in the game.

Upgrading Seraphic weapons requires some unique treasures most easily obtained by completing Primarch Trial Quests (with the exception of the Light and Dark versions) and Raids.

Seraphic Weapons

Every element has its respective Seraphic Weapon. They start out as SR Weapons.

Each uncap requires a different set of uncap materials. Once the SR Seraphic Weapon is fully uncapped, you can upgrade it into its respective SSR form:

As of 2019-04-24, every SSR Seraphic Weapon can be upgraded to 4★ through forging:

Obtaining Seraphic Weaponry

The following materials are needed to forge the base version of a Seraphic Weapon, with the exception of the Light and Dark version:

  • Low Orb ×5 of respective element
  • Tome ×5 of respective element
  • Treasure drop ×5
Fire: Fine Sand Bottle
Water: Fresh Water Jug
Earth: Rough Stone
Wind: Satin Feather
  • Treasure Drop ×3
Fire: Untamed Flame
Water: Soothing Splash
Earth: Coarse Alluvium
Wind: Zephyr Feather

You must complete the Side Story What Makes the Sky Blue II: Paradise Lost before you can obtain Dark and Light Seraphic Weapons.

The following materials are needed to forge the base version of a Light and Dark Seraphic Weapons:

Light: Luminiera Anima
Dark: Celeste Anima
  • High Orb ×20 of respective element
  • Whorl ×30 of respective element

Upgrading Seraphic Weaponry

Because the entire process is done through the Shop Weapon Series forging menu, you can't use Steel Bricks to uncap Seraphic Weapons. To do so, level the weapon to its current maximum level and then provide the respective items (note that the weapon must be in your inventory, not stash).

Fire, Water, Earth and Wind Seraphic Weapons

First Uncap

  • Treasure drops ×20
Fire: Fine Sand Bottle
Water: Fresh Water Jug
Earth: Rough Stone
Wind: Satin Feather

Second Uncap

  • Treasure Drops ×20
Fire: Untamed Flame
Water: Soothing Splash
Earth: Coarse Alluvium
Wind: Zephyr Feather

Third Uncap

  • Treasure Drops ×50
Fire: Blistering Ore
Water: Glowing Coral
Earth: Swirling Amber
Wind: Flying Sprout
  • Treasure Drops ×80
Fire: Wheat Stalk
Water: Spring Water Jug
Earth: Sand Brick
Wind: Indigo Fruit

SSR Upgrade

  • Treasure Drops ×30
Fire: Bastion Block
Water: Frozen Foliole
Earth: Raw Gemstone
Wind: Affinity Seed

Light and Dark Seraphic Weapons

First Uncap

Light: Luminiera Omega Anima
Dark: Celeste Omega Anima
Light: Primal Bit
Dark: Black Fog Sphere
Light: Hellfire Fragment
Typhoon Fragment
Dark: Deluge Fragment
Wasteland Fragment

Second Uncap

Light: Nezha Omega Anima
Twin Elements Omega Anima
Apollo Omega Anima
Dark: Macula Marius Omega Anima
Medusa Omega Anima
Dark Angel Olivia Omega Anima

Third Uncap

Light: Garuda Omega Anima
Athena Omega Anima
Odin Omega Anima
Dark: Grani Omega Anima
Baal Omega Anima
Lich Omega Anima
Light: Michael Anima
Raphael Anima
Dark: Gabriel Anima
Uriel Anima

SSR Upgrade

Light: True Light Anima ×30
True Wind Anima ×20
True Fire Anima ×20
Dark: True Dark Anima ×30
True Water Anima ×20
True Earth Anima ×20

Forging to 4★

Seraphic Weapons can be forged into new form, which upgrades their Charge Attack and upgrades their Blessing skill.

In order to reforge a Seraphic Weapon, it must be upgraded to lvl 100 and with its weapon skill at lvl 10. Forging a weapon must be done within the shop and requires the following materials:

Reforging a Seraphic Weapon also uncaps it to 4★, increasing its level cap to 150 and skill level cap to 15.


  • Players are only allowed two Primarch Trial Quests, or one Extreme+ trial per element each day, regardless of difficulty.
  • SSR Seraphic Weapons have the same skillup difficulty as Bahamut Weapons
  • This Google Spreadsheet can be used to track your total materials and overall completion percentage. It is protected, so make a copy of it (File > Make a copy...) on your own Google account to maintain your own updates.
  • The amplifier skill effect (referred to as "Seraphic modifier" on this wiki) is completely unique among weapons, but it is not completely unique in general. For example, the Level 95 support skills for all Eternals provides these characters the same effect, but only the largest modifier will actually apply.
    • Players at Rank 200 or higher can craft a 5★ Ultima Weapon and thus have access to Gauph Key Tria, which has an even stronger effect than 4★ Seraphic weapons.
      • However, the effect is calculated in a different way, and for teams that deal significant multi-element damage a Seraphic weapon may still be the better option.