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Red TomeBlue TomeBrown TomeGreen TomeWhite TomeBlack Tome

The Tomes are Red Tome, Blue Tome, Brown Tome, Green Tome, White Tome, and Black Tome. They are much more commonly found than Scrolls or Whorls.


Tomes are primarily used to uncap characters. They are needed for early stars on R and SR characters.

Use Amount
Uncap R to 1★ 2
Uncap R to 2★ 3
Awakening R to Lvl 3 3
Uncap Story SR to 1★ 2
Uncap SR to 1★ 2
Awakening SR to Lvl 2 10
Purchase Seraphic Weapons (SR uncapped) 5
Uncap SR Seraphic Weapons to 1★ 10
Forging Class Champion Weapons 70
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (step 1) 100
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (step 2) 150
Purchase 1 Scroll from the Treasure shop 5
Purchase 1 Anti Verse from the Defense Order shop 25


Tomes are found in Normal/Hard Elemental Treasure Quests and are rarely found in event quests.