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This category includes basic gameplay articles as well as topics relevant particularly to new players.


  • Wonders - artifacts from the Main Quest line that give passive boosts
  • Items - list of items and treasures with basic info or locations
  • Upgrading - increase the level of characters, weapons and summons
  • Uncap - increasing the level limit of characters, weapons, and summons
  • Reduce - obtain rare materials by sacrificing SR/SSR weapons and summons
  • Reserve - convert unwanted farmable weapons and summons into Lazuline Vessels and Scarlet Vessels to simplify inventory management
  • Upgrading Weapon Skills - learn how to use Skill Jewel and the Craftsman's Anvil
  • Draw - obtain new characters, weapons, and summons with real money or premium in-game currency
  • Shop - trade quest items and drops for weapons and summons
  • Raids - difficult bosses where multiple players combine forces to battle together
  • Pendants - defeat raid bosses to collect pendants for the shop
  • Coop Quests - information on Cooperative mode
  • Events - time-limited stories or activities with unique rewards
  • Glossary - a compendium of commonly used terms in the Granblue community

Beginner Topics

  • Rerolling - creating new accounts to start with an advantage
  • Start Dash - discusses strategy for choosing a Start Dash character
  • Tier Lists - unofficial rankings for character strength/usefulness
  • FAQ - frequently asked Granblue Fantasy questions