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Encounter Points (EP) are spent when you join a raid battle. One EP automatically recovers every ten minutes if your current EP is below 10.

The amount of points required to join a raid battle varies and ranges from 0 to 5 depending on the raid and specific bonuses. When fighting multiple rounds of the same raid in a Raid Room, EP will be required for each round, except for the host, which pays the AP cost as usual.

If a joined battle ends too quickly for the player to take any actions after joining, EP spent will be refunded.

All EP recover when your rank rises or you use certain items. By tapping the EP gauge on the Home screen, you can see the time it will take for your EP to fully recover, or use EP recovery items.

It's possible to have up to 99 EP at once through recovery through means outside of the natural recovery. The recovery timer will only start again once EP drops below 10.

EP Recovery