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Cooperative Mode, commonly called "Co-op" or "Coop," contains a separate quest chain that must be done in groups of 2-4 players. One player, the leader, creates the room, then either invites other players by giving out the room ID or posts the room publicly on the Room Board and/or Crew Chat. To join a room, either browse the list of public rooms or enter a room ID in the search field.

Co-op Room[edit]

The co-op room is the staging area for a co-op group. Rooms can stay open for a maximum of 1 hour at a time, or until the leader closes the room.

Any player in the room can choose a coop quest. The player who does will expend their own AP to start the quest, while other players will not pay any AP to join the quest. Like raid bosses, the co-op quest host will earn 1 red chest while the MVP also earns 1 red chest. After a quest is chosen for the first time, a Select Support button appears. Players choose a support summon from among those set by the other players in the room. When doing more than one quest in the same room, the last support summon chosen will default for the next quest, so players have to proactively change their chosen support summon if necessary.

There is a co-op room chat, and also an Item tab. The Item tab can be used to easily restore AP, but also co-op buff items are used here. Co-op buff items grant various benefits, stack up to 10 times each (except for potions at 4, fortuitous feathers at 9), and last until the room closes. They can be purchased from the Quest Items shop with materials obtained during co-op quests.

Co-op Quest Overview[edit]

Co-op quests consist of a single raid boss. Each quest varies in mechanics and difficulty. All players in the co-op room join the battle at the same time and fight in tandem.

There are trophies for completing every quest in a stage and for unlocking additional stages. There are also trophies for completing a large number of co-op quests using each class which reward highly sought-after distinctions needed to unlock Row IV classes.

Quests can be cleared both as host or when joining, but in the latter case only when the quest has been unlocked already.

Daily Missions[edit]

Each day at 05:00 JST, all players receive a new set of 3 co-op missions to complete. As of the September 22, 2017 update, every player gets the same set. Completing each mission earns 1 Mission Point (MP), and completing all the missions for the day earns 1 Blue Sky Crystal square.jpg Blue Sky Crystal. The types of missions include:

  • Complete any 5 co-op quests (this is always one of the 3 missions).
  • Complete a specific quest (doesn't need to be hosted)
  • Obtain a certain number of specific items.
    • 5 of a bronze chest item, 3 of a silver chest item, or 1 of a gold chest item. Click on the item icon to see which stages drop the item.
  • Use a specific number of co-op room buff items. These can be purchased in the Shop or within a Co-op Room from the Items tab.

Drop Locations[edit]

Stage Bronze Silver Gold Red
Extra Low Orb
High Orb
Class Distinction
Replica Weapons
Time of Judgement
Time of Revelation
Time of Eminence
Rule of the Tundra
Rule of the Plains
Rule of the Twilight
Amidst the Waves
Amidst the Petals
Amidst Severe Cliffs
Amidst the Flames

Mission Point Shop[edit]

MP is used to purchase items in the Missions Rewards store. All items cost 1 MP to buy. Items have a limited inventory and will stay sold out until the entire store is bought out, after which all items will have their original quantities restored.

Mission Rewards
Item Stock
Premium Draw Ticket 1
CP x10 5
1,000 rupies 3
Full Elixir 3
Soul Balm 3
Tiamat Omega Anima 3
Colossus Omega Anima 3
Leviathan Omega Anima 3
Yggdrasil Omega Anima 3
Whorl 2 of each element
Dragon Scale 2 of each element
Fury Stone 1
Archangel items 1 of each
Total points 63

If you complete all daily missions every day, it will take 21 days to reset the shop.