Vortical Pinwheel

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Vortical Pinwheel.jpg

A mystical plant that can be traded for a high price. It's treasured amongst skyfarers as a protective charm.


Use Amount
Sell at the Sell Treasure shop for 5,000× Rupie square.jpg Rupie 1
Purchase Fortuitous Feather square.jpg Fortuitous Feather ×5
Upgrade Captain's Home in Crew Island to level 2 30


  • Drop from Co-op Quests (Normal/Hard Stage 1, gold/red chest)
    • Hard 1-2 (Talon Strike) is most efficient for farming Pinwheels. Players who can't one-turn it should bring some form of Dispel for the 50% trigger.
  • Drop from Rose Queen (Raid) (gold/red chest)