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  • 承認 (しょうにん)あり  shōnin ari : The raid will only begin when everyone confirms.
  • 承認無 (しょうにんな)  shōnin nashi, also 承認なし: The raid will begin when the leader starts it without waiting for everyone to press confirm.
  • X (にん)から  X nin kara: The leader will begin the raid as soon as the room has X number of players.
  • 点呼 (てんこ)  tenko: Leader may ask you to use a sticker or otherwise indicate that you are present.
  • X (かい)  X kai, also X (せん)  X sen: The room leader will host the specified battle X number of times.
  • MVP自由 (じゆう)  MVP jiyū, also M自由 or MVPフリー  MVP furī: "Free MVP"; you're free to race for DPS.
  • 順貼 (じゅんば)  junbari, also 順張り: This room is a train. Everyone will be expected to host in the order they joined the room.
    • 逆順貼 (ぎゃくじゅんば)  gyakujunbari, also 逆順張り: This room is a train. Everyone will be expected to host in the reverse order they joined the room.
    • 連戦 (れんせん)  rensen: The room may be a train, or the room leader is willing to host multiple raids.
  • 時間貼 (じかんば)  jikanbari: Each player will host a quest for the specified length of time, usually 15 mins.
  • 主貼 (ぬしば)  nushibari: The room leader will host all the quests.
  • 交代 (こうたい)  kōtai: Taking turns, essentially same as 順貼り.
  • 30 (れん)  30ren: 30-party train.
  • 自発者 (じはつしゃ)のみ  jihatsushanomi: Only those who will host the said raid. Usually seen with train rooms.
  • 予告 (よこく)  yokoku: Announcement. The raid will not begin right away, the owner is simply announcing or recruiting players for a train. These rooms usually have the time in JST.
  • 団員募集 (だんいん ぼしゅう)  dan'in boshū: This is not a raid room. They are recruiting crew members.
  • 雑談 (ざつだん)  zatsudan: Chatting. This is not a raid room. They just want to chat with other players.


  • 主弱 (ぬしよわ)  nushiyowa: The room owner is weak and wants higher rank players to help him defeat a raid.
  • 180↑ or 180以上 (いじょう)  ijō: Participants must be rank 180 or higher. Because the in-game minimum rank only goes up to 150, hosts will often set their own minimum ranks in the room description.
    • 185↑自由 hyakuhachigo ijou jiyuu: If you're rank 185+, do whatever you want.
    • 185↑火力OK hyakuhachigo ijou karyoku OK: If you're rank 185+, do whatever you want. (DPS is okay.)
  • 180↓: Participants must be rank 180 or below.
  • 130↓要職 hyakusanjuu ika youshoku: If you're rank 130 or below, you come as required classes.
  • 火力 (かりょく)  karyoku: Firepower. The host wants firepower and welcomes DPS racers.
  •  (ひかり)  hikari: Light. Commonly seen with BahaHL, the host doesn't want Hades or Titan guys.
  • ワンパン禁止 (きんし)  wanpankinshi: No leechers (wanpan stands for "one-punch"). If the owner hosts multiple battles and notices you're leeching, you may get righteously kicked.
  • 行動理解者 (こうどうりかいしゃ)  kōdōrikaisha or 理解者 (りかいしゃ)  rikaisha: "One who understands"; the host doesn't want noobs who don't know what to do and expects the participants to do their roles properly.
  • 経験者 (けいけんしゃ)  keikensha keikensha : Experienced players.
  • PC: Personal computer. The owner doesn't want smartphone players because that may slow down the process.


  • 要職 (ようしょく)  yōshoku: Necessary classes. The host wants the necessary debuff/support classes.
  •  (ぬし)  nushi followed by a class. the host is telling what he/she will be playing.

Some players may further add what EX ability they bring: e.g. 主DFブラ nushi-DF-bura means the owner is a Dark Fencer and has EX Blind.

  • トレハン  torehan or TH: Bounty (JP term is Treasure Hunter)
  • ディスペル  disuperu: Dispel
  • チャーム  chāmu: Charm
  • グラビティ  gurabiti: Gravity
  • ミスと  misuto or MM: Miserable Mist
  • レイジ  reiji: Rage
  • ブラインド  buraindo or ブラ  bura: Blind
  • アローライン  arōrain or アロー  arō: Rain of Arrows


  • 最終/解放 ソーン saishuu/kaihou song: The host has 5★ Tweyen (JP name Song).
    • 麻痺延長 (まひえんちょう)  mahienchō: "Extended Paralysis". (The host has 5★ Tweyen.)
  •  (ぶり)  buri: BlizzardATK is modified by number of turns passed
    Duration: 180 secondsField effect
    field effect (second skill of Izmir (Summer), usually makes Paralysis more effective).

Co-op Rooms

  • デイリー, でいりー deiri: Daily quests. The host simply wants to finish his/her daily quests.
  • ノーマル nomaru, N: Normal.
  • ハード hado, H: Hard.
  • エクストラ ekusutora, EX: Extra. These are generally followed by the stage and battle.
  • スラ爆 surabaku: Slimeblasting (Hard 3-1).
  • 調整 chousei: Adjustment. In 4-party slimeblasting rooms, players may be asked to keep their plain damage around 30k. Ground Zero is a no-no.
    • 3万 sanman: 30k. Note the Japanese uses 10000 as base, not 1000.
  • 信念 shinnen: Creeds.
  • 集め atsume: collecting. It usually follows the name of the item that the room owner wants to farm.
  • から最後まで kara saigo made: To the end. The host is starting at the designated stage and continuing as far as possible.


  • 裁考 saikou, ヴォフ vohu: EX 2-2, Vohu Manah
  • 灼滅 shakumetsu, イフ ifu, イフリート ifurito: EX 2-3 Ifrit
  • 妃光 kikou, コロウ korou: EX 2-4 Corow
  • 氷獄 hyougoku, コキュ kokyu, コキュートス kokyutosu: EX 3-2 Cocytus
  • 人馬 jinba, サジ saji, サジタリウス sajitariusu: EX 3-3 Sagittarius
  • 幻魔 genma, ディア dia, ディアボロス diaborosu: EX 3-4 Diablo
  • 波濤 hadou, ネプ nepu, ネプネプ nepunepu, or ネプチューン nepuchun: EX 4-2 Neptune
  • 花信風 kashinfuu, ゼピュ zepyu, ゼピュロス zepyurosu: EX 4-3 Zephyrus
  • 巨巌 kyogan, ティタ tita, ティターン titan, マッチョ maccho: EX 4-4 Titan
  • 揺炎 youen, アグニス agunisu: EX 4-5 Agni
  • 犬 inu: EX 6-1


Omega Raids

マグナ maguna: Omega (JP term is Magna)

  • ティア tia, ティアマグ tiamagu: Tiamat Omega
  • コロ koro, コロマグ koromagu: Colossus Omega
  • リヴァ riva, リヴァマグ rivamagu, 鰻/うなぎ unagi ("eel"): Leviathan Omega
  • ゆぐ/ユグ yugu, ユグマグ yugumagu, ゆぐゆぐ yuguyugu: Yggdrasil Omega
  • シュヴァ shuva, シュヴァマグ shuvamagu: Luminiera Omega (JP name is Chevalier)
  • セレ sere, セレマグ seremagu, セレスト seresuto: Celeste Omega

Omega II HL Raids

  • グリームニル guriimuniru, グリム gurimu: Grimnir
  • シヴァ shiva: Shiva
  • エウロペ europe, ロペ rope: Europa
  • ブローディア buroodia, ゴブロ goburo: Alexiel (JP name is God Guard Brodia)
  • アバター abatā: Avatar
  • メタトロン metatron: Metatron

T1 Raids

旧石 kyuuishi: Old Summon Raids, T1 Raids

  • ナタク nataku: Nezha
  • マキュラ makyura: Macula Marius
  • メドゥーサ medusa, メド medo, メデュ medyu, メドゥ子 meduko: Medusa
  • フラム furamu : Twin Elements (JP name is Flamme=Glace, which means "Fire=Ice" in French.)
  • アポロ aporo, アポロン aporon, アポロロ apororo: Apollo
  • オリヴィエ orivie, 織部 oribe: Dark Angel Olivia
  • グランデ素材 gurande-sozai: Grande Materials. The room owner will host all T1 Summon raids.

T2 Raids

新石 shin'ishi: New Summon Raids, T2 Raids

  • アテナ athena: Athena
  • バアル baaru: Baal
  • グラニ gurani: Grani
  • ガルダ garuda: Garuda
  • オーディン odin, おでん oden: Odin
  • リッチ ricchi: Lich

T3 HL Raids

高級鞄 koukyuu kaban: "Luxury bags", as 鞄 kaban ("bag") in GBF stands for Carbuncles.

  • プロメテウス purometeusu: Prometheus
  • カーオン ka-on, 鯨 kujira ("whale"): Ca Ong
  • バイヴカハ baivukaha, バイブ baibu: Morrigna (JP name Badb Catha is one of three goddesses of the Morrigna.)
  • ギルガメッシュ girugamesshu, ギルガメ girugame: Gilgamesh
  • ヘクトル hekutoru: Hector
  • アヌビス anubisu: Anubis

Primarch Raids

天司 tenshi: Primarch

  • ミカ mika, ミカエル mikaeru: Michael
  • ガブ gabu, ガブリエル gaburieru: Gabriel
  • ウリエル urieru: Uriel.
  • ラファ rafa, ラファエル rafaeru, HRT: Raphael. Raphael is voiced by the game's former producer, Koichi Haruta, commonly abbreviated as HRT.

Nightmare Raids

  • グランデ gurande, ンデ/んで nde: Grand Order
  • よわばは, よわバハ yowabaha: 30-man Proto Bahamut, "Weak Baha"
  • つよばは, つよバハ, 強いバハ tsuyobaha: 18-man Proto Bahamut Impossible, "Strong Baha"
    • バハHL bahaHL: Another name for Proto Bahamut Impossible.
  • アルバハ arubaha: Ultimate Bahamut (Impossible raid will be followed with HL)
  • JK, ローズ rozu, 薔薇 bara: Rose Queen
  • 黒麒麟 kurokirin/kokukirin: Qilin
  • 黄龍 kouryuu/ouryuu: Huanglong (Japanese can be read either way)
  • ルシファー lucifaa, ファーさん faasan: Lucilius
  • ベルゼバブー Beelzebub, バブ bub: Beelzebub
  • ベリアル Belial

Xeno Raids

  • ゼノイフ zenoifu: Xeno Ifrit
  • ゼノヴォフ zenovofu: Xeno Vohu Manah