Dark Fencer

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Dark Fencer gran icon.jpgDark Fencer djeeta icon.jpg
Class Data
Description Slash enemy combo attacks and recover health.
Style Label Type Special.png Specialty Label Weapon Sabre.png Label Weapon Dagger.png
Prerequisites 300 CP, Lvl 20 Arcana Dueler and Sentinel
Level Bonuses Debuff success rate +4%, total +20%
Master Bonuses Debuff resistance +7%
Support Skills
Sabotage Boost to debuff success rate
Hasty Action Reduce skill cooldown by 1 turn
Recommended Extended Mastery Perks
Attack, Debuff Success, Double Attack
Recommended Subskills
  • Defense Breach/Rain of Arrows III: Additional debuffs to increase damage or survivability.
  • Rage III: Hasty Action reduces downtime to 1 turn. Only take if another character or summon can inflict Defense Down, otherwise Armor Break may be better.
  • Blind: Very easy to apply with Dark Fencer's excellent debuff rate, allowing further damage reduction if other characters can debuff Attack.
  • Clarity/Dispel: As necessary.


Icon Skill Name Effect
C/DCooldown in Turns
DurDuration in Turns or Seconds
SubSubskill usable on other classes
LVLClass level required
Ability Slow.png Stall II Elemental DMG to a foe / Delay (2x element damage / Reduces enemy's stored charge diamonds by 1) 5T - No 1
Ability Miserable.png Miserable Mist Hit to ATK and DEF for all foes (Decreases all enemies' Attack and Defense by -25%) 5T 180s Yes 5
Ability Gravity.png Gravity Wave Increase foe's max charge diamonds by 1 9T 180s Yes 15

Extended Mastery Skills

Icon Skill Name Effect
EMPCost in EMP
Ability QuickDown.png Quick Down Hit to a foe's multi-attack rate (Decreases enemy's chance of Double and Triple Attacks) 6T 180s 3
Ability Snatch.png Blood Sword Healing based on DMG dealt by one-foe attack (Recovers HP from normal attacks, capped at 500 HP per turn) 9T 3T 10


Packed with abilities that interfere with enemies, the Dark Fencer is a highly versatile job that can work with almost any kind of party. Stall II and Gravity Wave are great for delaying bosses' special attacks, though bear in mind that they can miss. Although not heavy hitters themselves, Dark Fencers can boost the party's overall damage output with Miserable Mist, an incredibly useful ability that stacks with many other Attack/Defense debuffs. Dark Fencers can bring down the enemy further with Defense Breach (Warrior) or Arrow Rain III (Sidewinder) as their Subskills. Hasty Action is a great Support Skill and gives Dark Fencers a lot of flexibility when choosing Subskills. On the other hand, the Extended Mastery Skills are pretty mediocre. Overall, Dark Fencer is an extremely resourceful job that is favored by beginners and veterans alike.