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Row 2 Class


Style Balanced
SpecialtyThe MC gains 20% more ATK from weapons of this type in your grid. Dagger Gun
Unlock Requirements
CP ×200
Lvl 20 Thief and Fighter
ID 140101
NameJP レイダー
Release Date ?
Other Sites gbf-wiki
(Japanese wiki)
Plunder treasure and slash foes' overdrive gauge.
Support SkillsDoes not work as a sub ally unless explicitly stated.
Icon Name Effect Obtained
Looking for Treasure Boost to BountyItem drop rate is boosted
's success rate.
Boost to ATK based on target's BountyItem drop rate is boosted
Lvl 1
Base Skills
Icon Name Effect Cooldown Duration SubSubskill usable on other classes Obtained
Crack Shot Gain Salted Wound (1 time)ATK is boosted when foe is in break mode
5T 1T No Lvl 1
Bounty Hunter II Inflict 2 BountyItem drop rate is boosted
stacks on a foe.
3T - Yes 5
Tricky Moves Inflict Mode Bar CutCut to foe's mode bar
on a foe in Overdrive.
5T - Yes 15

Level Bonuses
Lvl 1 Bounty success rate +3%
Lvl 5 Bounty success rate +3%
Lvl 10 Bounty success rate +3%
Lvl 15 Bounty success rate +3%
Lvl 20 Bounty success rate +3%
Total Stat Bonuses These bonuses only apply to this class. Completion Bonuses Unlocked at level 20.
These bonuses are applied while as any class.
Bounty success rate +15% Inhibit overdrive +2%

Gameplay Notes

Facsimile Compatibility

Icon Skill Copyable?
Crack Shot Yes
Bounty Hunter II Yes
Tricky Moves Yes


Row II classes are merely a means to gain subskills and completion bonuses for future classes; none are viable long-term. The following is a list of notable skills.

Base Skills

These skills can be equipped by any class.

Skill Future Usage Comments
Bounty Hunter IIInflict 2 BountyItem drop rate is boosted
stacks on a foe.
  • Used to increase droprate when appropriate.