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Raider gran sprite.png Raider gran icon.jpg Raider djeeta icon.jpg Raider djeeta sprite.png
Class Data
Class line ThiefRaiderHawkeyeBandit Tycoon
Description Plunder treasure and slash foes' overdrive gauge.
Style Label Type Balance.png Specialty Label Weapon Dagger.png Label Weapon Gun.png
Prerequisites CP square.jpg CP ×200, Lvl 20 Thief and Fighter
Level BonusesLevel bonuses are earned with levels 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20.
Bounty success rate +3%, total +15%
Master Bonuses Inhibit overdrive +2%
Support Skills
Looking for Treasure Boost to Bounty Hunter success rate / Boost to ATK based on Bounty Hunter level
Recommended Extended Mastery Perks
Do not invest EMP in Row I or Row II classes.
Recommended Subskills


Icon Skill Name Effect
C/DCooldown in Turns
DurDuration in Turns or Seconds
SubSubskill usable on other classes
LVLClass level required
Ability Assassin.png Crack Shot Gain
Status Defiance.pngSalted WoundATK is boosted when foe is in break mode
for 1 hit.
5T 1T No 1
Ability Treasure.png Bounty Hunter II Inflict 2 stacks of
Status Bounty.pngBountyItem drop rate is boosted

Duration: 1 turns
on one enemy.
3T - Yes 5 See Drop rate boosts.
Ability Duration.png Tricky Moves Mode bar cut to one enemy in Overdrive. 5T - Yes 15


Raider is primarily mastered to access Row III classes; it has no long-term viability.

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