Bandit Tycoon

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Bandit Tycoon gran icon.jpgBandit Tycoon djeeta icon.jpg
Class Data
Description Plunder from the powerful using your well-honed arts of thievery.
Style Label Type Balance.png Specialty Label Weapon Dagger.png Label Weapon Gun.png
Prerequisites 2500 CP, 20 Bandit Distinctions and Superior Thief Trophy
Level Bonuses Bounty success rate +8% and Inhibit overdrive +3%, total +24% and +6%
Master Bonuses ATK +1% and Inhibit overdrive +1%
Support Skills
Eyes on the Prize Boost to Bounty Hunter success rate / Boost to ATK based on bounty level / Boost to rupie drop amount
Rapid Shot Boost to Lethal Aim's triple attack rate / Skill cooldown cut
Recommended Extended Mastery Perks
Recommended Subskills


Icon Skill Name Effect C/D Dur LVL Notes
Ability Assassin.png Crack Shot III Sharp boost to ATK for 1 hit against a foe in break / Boost to critical hit rate 5T 1T 1
Ph400.png - - 5 -
Ph400.png - - 15 -

Extended Mastery Skills

Icon Skill Name Effect C/D Dur Notes
Ability Treasure.png Bounty Hunter IV Elemental DMG to a foe / 3-time boost to a foe's item-drop rate (Boost to DMG based on bounty level) 5T - -
Ability WhiteSmoke.png White Smoke All allies gain 1 Mirror Image 11T - Costs 30 EMP or 600 Gems.
Ability RupieFlip.png Rupie Flip Plain DMG to a foe (Uses rupies) 0T - Costs 10 EMP or 200 Gems.


None yet.