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Sidewinder gran icon.jpgSidewinder djeeta icon.jpg
Class Data
Description Outflank foes and slide other members into your party.
Style Label Type Balance.png Specialty Label Weapon Bow.png Label Weapon Gun.png
Prerequisites 500 CP, Lvl 20 Archer and Raider
Level Bonuses ATK +200 and Skill DMG +3%, total +1000 and +15%
Master Bonuses Debuff success rate +3%
Support Skills
Dodge This Increases Attack against enemies with debuffs
Target Increases the effectiveness of Bullseye Run / Decreases the ability's cooldown
Recommended Extended Mastery Perks
Attack, Double Attack, HP
Recommended Subskills


Icon Skill Name Effect
C/DCooldown in Turns
DurDuration in Turns or Seconds
SubSubskill usable on other classes
LVLClass level required
Ability Evasion.png Quick Step II Dodges all attacks / Massively increases Attack (100% increase) / Dodges all debuffs 5T 1T No 1
Ability Arrow.png Rain of Arrows III Deals damage to all enemies with a chance of inflicting Attack Down (25%) status (3x damage) 5T 180s Yes 5
Ability Killstreak.png Bullseye Run Deals great damage to an enemy based on the number of debuffs the enemy has (Base damage is 3x for Sidewinder and 1x for other jobs / Damage is increased by 1x for each debuff / The damage cap is around 580,000) 7T - Yes 15

Extended Mastery Skills

Icon Skill Name Effect
EMPCost in EMP
Ability Blind.png Steady Aim Inflicts Steady Aim status on an enemy / Boosts the Charge bar (Steady Aim has no actual status effect, it is used purely for increasing the damage of abilities like Bullseye Run) 5T 180s 5
Ability Switch.png Change Switches position with a sub member 2T 8


Sharpshooters who eliminate those who stand in their way with devastating attacks. Despite being a Balance-type job, Sidewinder is one of the most powerful attackers in the game. Quick Step II is an amazing ability that not only doubles Sidewinders' Attack, but also makes them invincible for a whole turn. Arrow Rain III is great against mobs and bosses, and the Attack Down debuff is very useful. Bullseye Run is Sidewinders' signature ability and with it they are absolutely terrifying. Expect some really impressive burst damage with Quick Step II + Bullseye Run + Charge Attack. Miserable Mist is a good choice for the EX Ability slot. Rage III and Elemental Focus II are good picks for the Subskill slot too. There isn't much point in getting Study Aim, but Change is quite an interesting and useful ability. Overall, Sidewinder is an incredibly powerful job that excels at dealing burst damage.