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Row 1 Class


Style Balanced
SpecialtyThe MC gains 20% more ATK from weapons of this type in your grid. Bow Gun
Unlock Requirements
CP ×100
ID 170001
NameJP レンジャー
Release Date ?
Other Sites gbf-wiki
(Japanese wiki)
Swiftly evade all enemy attacks.
Support SkillsDoes not work as a sub ally unless explicitly stated.
Icon Name Effect Obtained
Dodge This Boost to ATK against foes with a debuff. Lvl 1
Base Skills
Icon Name Effect Cooldown Duration SubSubskill usable on other classes Obtained
Quick Step Gain Dodge AllTakes no DMG or debuffs while in effect
Duration: 1 turn
5T 1T No Lvl 1
Rain of Arrows 150-300% elemental damage to all foes.[1] 5T - Yes 10

Level Bonuses
Lvl 1 ATK +100
Skill DMG +1%
Lvl 5 ATK +100
Skill DMG +1%
Lvl 10 ATK +100
Skill DMG +1%
Lvl 15 ATK +100
Skill DMG +1%
Lvl 20 ATK +100
Skill DMG +1%
Total Stat Bonuses These bonuses only apply to this class. Completion Bonuses Unlocked at level 20.
These bonuses are applied while as any class.
ATK +500
Skill DMG +5%
Debuff success rate +1%

Gameplay Notes

Facsimile Compatibility

Icon Skill Copyable?
Quick Step Yes
Rain of Arrows Yes


Row I classes are merely stepping stones to Row II and Row III classes; none are viable long-term.

Note that Ranger (along with Harpist and Lancer) classes require more EXP to level than the other class lines.