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Master level is a system that further strengthens row IV and EX II classes that have reached level 20.

EXP raises Master Level

Similarly to raising a class's level, master level will increase by collecting EXP. Raising a class's master level unlocks new mastery bonuses, new support skills, and enhances existing class skills.

Trophies Required to Unlock Master Level

  • Once main quest chapter 44 has been cleared and a row IV or EX II class has reached level 20, the free quest "Road to Mastery" will appear on Zinkenstill.
  • Clear this quest to obtain the trophy required to unlock the master level system.

Alternate Color Class Outfits

Alternate color selection

Once the master level for certain classes is sufficiently raised, their alternate color class outfits can be obtained.

The color of the class outfit that appears in battle can be changed once the outfit's alternate color has been obtained. Like with other class outfits, alternate color class outfits can be selected by tapping Outfits on the Classes screen.