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Zinkenstill Large.jpg

An island where time flows gently onward.
Beyond the sky, to the promised land.
The girl in blue appeared as peace came to an end.

Zinkestill is where your adventure begins. This is also the location for chapters 45-48 and 64 of the main quest.

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A small island, home to a forest that yields primal crystals. Contrary to its nickname, its inhabitants are cheerful and quite sociable. It's not a sightseeing destination and doesn't have any remarkable attractions or famous products, but the simple calm of the village makes it perfect for extended stays.

(Captain)'s Home[edit]

Where (Captain) and Vyrn grew up together. The turn of the seasons in this peaceful environment yields strong, compassionate children. No one yet knows that the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of the child born and raised in this house.

Hermit Village[edit]

A village that has existed in secret for many hundreds of years. However, they are not especially isolationist, and in fact welcome the airship crews and travelers who sometimes visit.

Golden Fog Woods[edit]

The island's greatest mystery lies within these trees. A primal crystal enables people to live in these woods. Only the chosen priestess may enter into these depths.

Outer Mountain Ridge[edit]

The towering mountain range that surrounds Zinkenstill. It once cut the islanders off from the outside world, but thanks to recent developments in airship technology, they can now participate in meaningful exchange with other islands.


Kohazel Village[edit]

Location Kohazel Village.png

A village of warmhearted people. Its abundance of nature attracts travelers from all over.
  • Main Quests
    • Chapter 45: Sealed in the Forest (20 AP)
    • Chapter 46: Sealed in the Forest (20 AP)
    • Chapter 47: Sealed in the Forest (20 AP)
    • Chapter 48: An Awakening (20 AP)
    • Chapter 64: Night of Reflection (0 AP)
  • Free Quests
    • The Beginning (5 AP)
    • Fated Opponent (15 AP)
    • Twinkling Stars (20 AP, Rank 100+) - Raises rank cap to 150
    • Lost Villager (21 AP)
    • Lost and Found (21 AP)
    • Neighborly Granny (21 AP)
    • Master Bug Catcher (21 AP)
    • Good-For-Nothing (21 AP)
    • Forest Training (21 AP)

Azure Sky Gate[edit]

Location Azure Sky Gate.png

One of the few places in contact with the outside. The infinite world unfurls beyond a sea of clouds.

Azure Sky Passage[edit]

Location Azure Sky Passage.png

A corridor that leads to sky's end. People know that the stars lie beyond.

Azure Sky Sanctum[edit]

Location Azure Sky Sanctum.png

Myths say the gods descended here. An overwhelming pressure envelops the area, pushing away those who dare enter.


Rare monsters[edit]


By clicking on the sparkles in the following order, Lyria will find Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×50.

  1. Top Left (Golden Fog Woods)
  2. Bottom Right (Hermit Village)
  3. Top Right (Outer Mountain Ridge)
  4. Bottom Left ((Name)'s Home)

Zinkenstill Town.jpg


  • The name is probably German. Zinken means "prongs" while still translates to "silent".