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Red Dragon ScaleBlue Dragon ScaleBrown Dragon ScaleGreen Dragon ScaleWhite Dragon ScaleBlack Dragon Scale

The Dragon Scales are Red Dragon Scale, Blue Dragon Scale, Brown Dragon Scale, Green Dragon Scale, White Dragon Scale, and Black Dragon Scale.
They are fairly rare uncapping materials, mostly because there is a single tier of them, so there are no Treasure Shop options to trade for them.


Dragon scales are primarily used to uncap characters. They are needed for intermediate stars on SR and SSR characters.

Use Amount
Uncap SR to 3★ 1
Uncap SSR to 2★ 1
Uncap SSR to 3★ 2
Uncap SSR to 4★ 3
Awakening R to Lvl 5 2
Awakening SR to Lvl 4 3
Awakening SSR to Lvl 4 10
Purchase Seraphic Weapons (SR uncapped) 1
Uncap SR Seraphic Weapons to 1★ 5
Uncap SSR Omega Weapons to 4★ 20
Uncap Trade Moon Weapons to 4★ 20
Upgrade Bahamut Weapons from SR to SSR 30 of each
Awaken Revenant Weapons 50× White Dragon Scale
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (2nd upgrade) 30
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (4th upgrade) 50
Uncap Malice Weapons to 4★ 50
Uncap Draconic Weapons to 5★ 350
Create Showdown Aetherial Bullets Point II 16
Create Showdown Aetherial Bullets Point III 20