Rotating Showdowns

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The rotating showdowns used to be full-blown events that were only available for a limited time. They are now always available in the Special Quests section, but rotate between each showdown every 3 days.

Ifrit Shop.png Cocytus Shop.png
Vohu Manah Shop.png Sagittarius Shop.png
Corow Shop.png Diablo Shop.png

The rotation order is:

  1. Ifrit Showdown
  2. Cocytus Showdown
  3. Vohu Manah Showdown
  4. Sagittarius Showdown
  5. Corow Showdown
  6. Diablo Showdown

During 1/2 AP Special Quest events, there may be 2 showdowns available at the same time. The above order is still maintained. Special Quest Extravaganza events can also have all of them available at once for a period of time. The rotation will usually continue from where it was after that.

During a Xeno event, the associated Rotating Showdown will be active for the entire duration of the the event. If, during the course of a Xeno event the normal rotation slot for the associated showdown would come up, it is skipped only for that one cycle of the rotation.

Each showdown has an event shop where event drops can be exchanged. It is always available.