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Rusted Weapons are seemingly useless weapons with very low stats. However, they serve as the base for powerful fabled weapons, namely Revenant Weapons and Bahamut Weapons.

Rusted weapons can be obtained from 2 locations:

  • Proto Bahamut (usually 1 per kill, but can be replaced by a flip chest)
  • Angel Halo (Archangel Cores or lvl 17 Angel Cores, rare)

Both Revenant weapons and Bahamut weapons require a fully uncapped level 75 rusted weapon. Generally, you’ll need to run Proto Bahamut and Angel Halo dozens, if not hundreds, of times for other drops so you will soon find yourself with more rusted weapons than needed. It’s recommended you keep 1-2 fully uncapped rusted weapons of each type and more of useful ones such as daggers.

If you’re unlucky you may find that you can’t fully uncap a rusted weapon you need. When this happens, an easy solution is to buy Steel Brick square.jpg Steel Brick from the casino.

Extra Rusted weapons can be used to upgrade your crew's airship.