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Gold Bricks are used for the final upgrade of a Revenant Weapon which is required to obtain an Eternals character, and for an Eternal's 5★ uncap. Two or three bricks total are needed per Eternal. The first one is to recruit the Eternal, and one or two more for the 5★ uncap depending on the upgrade path you choose to take. Thus 20-30 gold bricks are required to obtain and 5★ uncap all of them.

Gold Bricks can be used to uncap Rarity SSR.png weapons instead of using duplicate copies. A brick is consumed to uncap one time. Because of their scarcity, nearly all players vehemently warn to never use Gold Bricks for uncapping weapons, instead saving them for Eternals characters. If there is a need to uncap a particularly rare and powerful Rarity SSR.png weapon, using Damascus Ingots is recommended instead.


Currently 10 bricks available. Updated 2018-11-24.
1st brick costs 10 nuggets, 2nd brick costs 15 nuggets, and the remaining bricks cost 20 nuggets each.
1 in the 450× Valor Badge square.jpg Valor Badge pack
  • Extremely low chance to drop from Nightmare difficulty event battles.
Does not apply to event reruns that have Damascus Crystal.jpg Damascus Crystals, those drop Damascus Grain.jpg Damascus Grains instead.