Damascus Ingot

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Damascus Ingot.jpg


Damascus Ingots are used to uncap Rarity R.png, Rarity SR.png, or Rarity SSR.png weapons instead of using duplicate copies. An ingot is consumed to uncap one time.

Damascus Ingots are incredibly valuable and should not be used to uncap regular Rarity SSR.png weapons.
Instead it's recommended to save them for very rare high value weapons such as Moon Weapons or Luminiera Sword Omega square.jpg Luminiera Sword Omega.
Regular Rarity SSR.png weapons from the Premium Draw do not qualify as "very rare high quality", do not waste Damascus Ingots on them unless you know what you're doing.
To put things into perspective, a Damascus Ingot takes ~2 months of in game events or a full spark worth of Gold Moon square.jpg Gold Moons to obtain.

As Gold Brick square.jpg Gold Bricks are required when recruiting Guild Wars characters it is generally recommended you use Damascus Ingots rather than Gold Bricks when upgrading Rarity SSR.png weapons.