Damascus Ingot

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Damascus Ingot.jpg

Damascus Ingots are Power-Ups which can be used to uncap most Rarity SSR.png weapons by one star.


Due to their extreme scarcity, Damascus Ingots should only be used to uncap very rare and powerful weapons, usually weapons with 4★ uncaps that require real money to reasonably obtain (as the Ingot substitutes for a duplicate of the weapon).

  • Limited Premium Draw Character Weapons (aka. Grand Weapons), such as Murgleis square.jpg Murgleis and Eden square.jpg Eden
    • Extremely valuable, only obtainable at random (or by Sparking) during Premium or Flash Galas
    • Usually the best weapons in the game for their respective grids
  • Moon Weapons such as Gisla square.jpg Gisla and Crimson Finger square.jpg Crimson Finger and "Grand" Weapons (character weapons for limited characters)
    • Extremely valuable, requiring either a Surprise Ticket or Gold Moons to obtain.
    • Often staples of the most optimized grids (in conjunction with Grand Weapons)
    • Exceptional Non-Limited Premium Draw weapons such as Stratomizer square.jpg Stratomizer are similarly worthy of consideration (but most Premium weapons are not).
  • Farmable weapons (including Event weapons) should never be uncapped with Ingots.
  • While Ingots can also be used in lieu of materials for 4★ upgrades, this is also discouraged as such materials can be farmed more reliably than duplicates of other valuable weapons.
  • Consider asking your crew or the community if unsure about a particular weapon.

Ingots should usually be used before Gold Brick square.jpg Gold Bricks, as the latter are required for Revenant Weapons and recruiting their associated characters in addition to uncapping Rarity SSR.png weapons.