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Damascus Ingots are Power-Ups which can be used to uncap most weapons by one star.


Due to their extreme scarcity, Damascus Ingots should only be used to uncap very rare and powerful weapons that have a 4★ or 5★ uncap available and that are difficult or impossible to uncap otherwise. This usually means weapons that can only be obtained via the Premium Draw, or via spending Gold Moons (which are mostly sourced from Premium Draw duplicate character weapons). Spending crystals or real money is the only way to reasonably obtain multiple copies of these weapons to uncap them normally.

A Damascus Ingot substitutes for a duplicate of the weapon, significantly lowering the total cost needed to get the weapon to 3★ as part of unlocking their true potential. A Gold Brick can be used the same way, but as a Gold Brick has other important uses such as recruiting Eternals, Eternal's 5★ uncap, and uncapping Dark Opus Weapons, a Damascus Ingot should be used preferentially for uncapping weapons.

Some notable weapon groups that may be worth using the Damascus Ingot on:

  • Premium Draw weapons
    • Grand Weapons
      • Extremely valuable, only obtainable at random (or by Sparking) during Premium or Flash Galas.
      • Some are the best weapons in the game for their respective grids, while others are outdated and no longer worth investing in.
      • Most are not useful outside of Primal Grids. Players should carefully research and not spend their ingots until they have everything they need for a complete primal grid, including the required Optimus Summons.
        • Grands are often excellent candidates for main weapons. Some players even spend Damascus Ingot on Grand weapons to use as main weapons even if they are not using Optimus summons
        • Some Grand Weapons, such as Pain and Suffering or Lord of Flames, provide powerful skills that are not boosted by Optimus summons, and are worth using for Omega grids.
    • Exceptional Non-Limited Premium Draw weapons
      • Some weapons provide weapon skills that are difficult to impossible to find elsewhere, and thus may be of use for players heavily committed to a single element using specialist teams. These include Garrison weapons like Gangsta Knife, cap-breaking weapons such as Vagabond and Greatsword Andalius, Bloodshed weapons like Tahar Masala, Tempering weapons like Twelfth Vertex of the Passel, and others. Most premium draw weapons are not worth a Damascus Ingot, however. Be sure to check guides and fellow community members to ensure you are making the right decision.
  • Vintage Weapons
  • Superlative
    • Extremely valuable, requiring Gold Moon ×100 to obtain.
    • Damascus Ingots are the only practical way to uncap these weapons, as it is extraordinarily wasteful to buy multiple copies to use them to uncap.
    • Mostly used as main weapons, they are often staples of the most optimized grids made for specific purposes.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Farmable weapons (including Event weapons) should never be uncapped with Ingots.
  • While Damascus Ingot can also be used for a 4★ uncap, this is heavily discouraged as 4★ uncaps use farmable materials instead of duplicate copies.
  • Consider referring to guides, asking your crew or the community if unsure about a particular weapon.


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