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Rarity SSR.png
[Vintage Weapons]
Icon Blue Star Full.pngCan be uncapped to 4★

Label Element Dark.png Label Weapon Spear.png HP ATK
Level 1 39 404
Level 100 255 2325
Level 150 309 2810
Obtain 30 Gold Moons
300 Silver Moons
Surprise Ticket
Icon Level Uncap.png Unlock Uncap
4★ Level 100 and clear Chapter 19 Quest: Hidden Light.

ID 1040200700
JP Name グラーシーザー
JP Title 仇閃
Release Date 2014-05-14
4★ Date 2015-07-27

This spear has passed through the hands of many seeking revenge. Silently, it grants them power to match their hatred, ensuring that their vengeance is carried out.
Charge Attack
Skill charge attack.png Mors Thrust Massive Dark damage to one enemy.
Status Blind.pngBlindedAttacks have a slight chance to miss
Weapon Skills
Ws skill atk 6 3.png
Oblivion's Might
Big boostNormal 5% base, 1% per skill level, SL10 15%, SL15 18%
to dark allies' ATK
▼ 101 Upgraded at level 101 to: Upgraded at level 101 to:
Ws skill atk 6 3 2.png
Oblivion's Might II
Big boostNormal II 6% base, 1% per skill level, SL10 16%, SL15 20%
to dark allies' ATK
120 Unlocks at level 120: Unlocks at level 120:
Ws skill backwater 6 2.png
Hatred's Enmity Medium boost to ATK as dark allies' HP decreases (see Enmity)
4★ Uncap
Rupies square.jpg Rupies ×10,000

Dark Vintage Weapons
Vegalta icon.jpg
Gisla icon.jpg


  • Gisla is based on Gísla saga, the story of Gísli, a tragic hero who must kill one of his brothers-in-law to avenge another brother-in-law.[1]