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The Surprise Special Draw Set, more commonly known as Surprise Tickets, are very similar to the Beginner's Draw Set; for 3000 MobaCoin or GranblueCoin, you receive a Premium 10-Part Ticket in addition to a Surprise Ticket which can be exchanged for any character weapon or summon that is currently available in the Premium Draw. Surprise Tickets will expire after purchase. They will last up to 7 days in your crate, and then when picked up, the 7 day expiration will reset. This can give you up to a max of 2 weeks after purchase to use it.

To redeem a Surprise Ticket, either go to Menu > Supplies > Ticket and click on the ticket to bring up the Trade button, or, if the Surprise Ticket is still available for purchase, go to Draw and click on the Surprise Ticket banner. In the Use Ticket tab, the exact expiration date and time of your ticket is listed. Below that is the pick interface, which lists all characters, weapons, and summons available from this Surprise Ticket.

Surprise Tickets differ from the Beginner's Draw Set in a number of ways.

  1. The Beginner's Draw Set can be exchanged for any character weapon or summon available when your account was created, not from what is currently available. This means that Surprise Tickets include more recently released characters, while the Beginner's Draw Set does not.
  2. The Beginner's Draw Set returns every month for 48 hours until it is purchased, after which it never appears again. Surprise Tickets are each separate, meaning that any player can always purchase a Surprise Ticket whenever it becomes available for purchase, no matter how many Surprise Tickets that player has bought in the past.
  3. While a couple Surprise Tickets in the past have not followed this rule, by and large, Cygames has declared that even if a Surprise Ticket is purchased when limited holiday-themed characters are available, those limited characters will not be available to pick using a Surprise Ticket.

For recommendations on what to choose for your Surprise Ticket, refer to the SSR Character Tier List.


While officially there is no schedule for Surprise Tickets, past tickets can be used to estimate when the next one will appear.

Date Wait Notes
2014-10-17 -
2014-12-11 55 days
2015-05-18 158 days
2015-09-16 121 days
2015-12-10 85 days
2016-01-07 28 days
2016-03-10 63 days Anniversary ticket
2016-04-14 35 days
2016-05-25 41 days
2016-07-10 46 days
2016-08-22 43 days
2016-10-07 46 days
2016-12-12 66 days
2017-01-07 26 days
2017-03-10 62 days Anniversary ticket
2017-05-05 56 days
2017-08-05 92 days
2017-10-10 66 days
2017-12-08 59 days
2018-01-16 39 days
Overall 64 days ~6 tickets per year
From 2016 52 days ~7 tickets per year
2015 121 days 3 tickets
2016 46 days 8 tickets
2017 60 days 6 tickets