Damascus Crystal

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Damascus Crystal

A geometrically patterned metallic crystal used to make damascus ingots.


Use Amount
Buy Damascus Ingot ×1 10
Forge Golden Relic Weapons 10
Start Chapter 96 Quest: Conqueror of the Eternals (first time only) 5
Uncap Seraphic Weapons to 4★ 5
Uncap Draconic Weapons to 5★ 5
Forge Draconic Weapons Provenance 15
Uncap Astral Weapons to 5★ 5
Transcend Dark Opus Weapons to Stage 1 20
Transcend Eternals to Stage 1 20
Purchase The World Card from the shop 10
Craft Expert Model Expert Model: Paradise Lost
Expert Model: Chaos Legion
Expert Model: Anagenesis
Expert Model: Genesis Nova