Groz Island

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Groz Island Large.jpg

An island of great natural bounty.
Heroes congregate here under a mighty sovereign.

Groz Island is the location for chapters 84-85, 94-97, and 101 of the main quest.

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The main island of Idelva, the most powerful kingdom in Nalhegrande. The prosperous lakeside capital of the kingdom, Luxurios, is one of the wealthiest cities in the skydom. Though the city continues to see rapid development, Idelva has decreed many areas off-limits to the populace to ensure balance with nature.


Royal Capital Luxurios[edit]

Location Royal Capital Luxurios.png

The wealthy city at the core of Idelva Kingdom. At its center sits an enigmatic sovereign.
  • Main Quests
    • Chapter 84: Idelva Kingdom (23 AP)
    • Chapter 101: Conflict (23 AP)
  • Free Quests
    • The Right of Might (50 AP)
Guaranteed 1 Raw Gemstone square.jpg Raw Gemstone each time.

Boshaft Forest[edit]

Location Boshaft Forest.png

A forest west of the capital. Those who venture here often find that these woods have a mean streak.
3 Lvl 75 Earth Gyre with 2.7m HP.

Veranderung Moor[edit]

Location Veranderung Moor.png

A plain spreading along a lake shore. The reason of man has no place beyond here.
  • Main Quests
    • Chapter 94: The Innermost Teachings (23 AP)

Natura Boscage[edit]

Location Natura Boscage.png

An ancient primeval forest. The thick greenery reflects one's soul resting within.

Abend Cliff[edit]

Location Abend Cliff.png

A sharp cliff that has silently witnessed the history of the skies.

Stille Wilderness[edit]

Location Stille Wilderness.png

Within this dreary, untamed land, emotions trump reason and can be found in all living things.


Rare Monsters[edit]


By clicking on the sparkles in the following order, Lyria will find a Premium Draw Ticket square.jpg Premium Draw Ticket.

  1. Left (Lake Spiegel)
  2. Top (Mount Groz)
  3. Bottom (City of Luxurios)
  4. Middle (Volkshield Palace)

Idelva Kingdom, Groz Island Town.jpg


  • The spelling of Groz matches the German word "gross"( or "groß"), meaning "big", and the way it is supposedly pronounced sharper than in English.