Smoldering Rubble

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The remains of some mortal-made object burnt beyond recognition by Wilnas. Gives off intense heat no matter how cold its surroundings.


Use Amount
Unlock Fraux 4th Domain Bonus and Support Skill 30
Unlock Alanaan 4th Domain Bonus and Support Skill 30
Transcend Tien to Stage 1 50
Uncap Draconic Harp to 5★ 15
Purchase Sol Remnant 15
Uncap Sol Remnant to 5★ 30
Purchase Wilnas's Finger 50
Uncap Wilnas's Finger to 4★ 10
Uncap Kiss of The Devil to 5★ 30
Uncap Heat of The Sun to 5★ 30
Uncap Blazing Mistral to 4★ 10
Uncap Higurashi to 4★ 10
Forge Refrain of Blazing Vigor 100
Forge Extinction Blade Mk II 50
Forge Mortality Bow Mk II 50
Uncap Colossus Omega to 5★ 3
Uncap Wilnas (Summon) to 4★ 30
Raid Hosting
Host Mugen (Impossible) 3
Host Hexachromatic Hierarch (Raid) 1