Abyssal Tragedy

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Abyssal Tragedy square.jpg

A watery sphere which grows as it absorbs everything it touches. After swallowing an island whole, its power has leapt beyond skydwellers' capacity to measure.


Use Amount
Uncap Weapon s 1040311900.jpg Draconic Buster to 5★ 15
Purchase Weapon s 1040019700.jpg Fateless 15
Uncap Weapon s 1040019700.jpg Fateless to 5★ 30
Uncap Weapon s 1040215100.jpg Wamdus's Cnidocyte to 4★ 10
Uncap Summon s 2040028000.jpg Leviathan Omega to 5★ 3
Purchase Weapon s 1040215100.jpg Wamdus's Cnidocyte 150
Transcend Npc s 3040030000 01.jpg Anre to Stage 1 50