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During your time playing Granblue Fantasy, you will often wish to fight specific Raids multiple times to farm for a specific loot drop. However, many fights have per-day limits on how many times you can start them. You will thus need to join other player's raids to farm any more that day. Joining other players' raids necessarily involves finding raids of that type that are active.

To join other player's raids, go to the raid screen available from the "Raid" button on the Granblue Fantasy home screen.

Main Raid Tab ("Raids")

The default tab will show you a random selection of roughly level-appropriate raids for you to join.

  • Yellow raids are raids that your crew members have called for help on. Join them for extra Pendant rewards that can exceed the normal weekly cap.
  • Green raids randomly appear and can be joined up to 5 times each day. These provide extra RP and EXP for joining them and contributing up to a minimum threshold.
  • Raids with a color tinge at the bottom of their entry are from your friends calling for help. You will not receive anything extra from fighting these, though you may wish to take the opportunity to help them anyway.

Event Tab ("Events")

This tab lists raids specific to events that are currently happening. Sometimes you will need to finish the story of the event for raids to appear here (or click the button that acknowledges the fights may be spoilers).

Raid Code Entry Tab ("Enter ID")

Here you may copy raid codes that you obtain from other sources or other players. Pasting in the code and clicking the Join A Room button will attempt to join the fight in progress.

This is the main area you will use when farming a specific raid type.

Co-op Rooms

Co-op can also be joined and farmed in repeating rooms where each person joining shares the cost for hosting the raids. The host role will rotate between each person with each new fight. For more information, see Co-op.