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About Raids
Standard Raid Series: Omega Raids | T2 Summons | Primarch Raids
Impossible Raid Series: Omega HL | Omega II HL | Omega III HL | Ennead Raids | Six-Dragon Raids | Revans Raids

Raids are multiplayer bosses that allow up to 30 people to battle together against a single raid boss. The player who discovers the raid will spend AP and any summoning items, then other players who join to help will spend EP.

Any of these raids can only be hosted a certain number of times by an individual player per day, but can be joined any number of times. Some raids can also be joined even if the player doesn't have them unlocked to host themselves, as long as they have reached the required Rank.

The raid discoverer and the MVP always receive 1 red chest, while the Vice MVP and third highest contributor get an extra chest as well that can be either a normal drop or red chest(some raids extend this to the top 6 contributors). Red chests have a higher chance of containing better loot. During events, the host and MVP get extra tokens. Individual ranking in a raid does not affect what chests contain or how many drop besides the above bonus chest.

When looking for raids to join, the in-game list will not refresh until every raid currently on the list is completed, but you can also join by raid ID.


  • Using chat or stickers during a raid will give you one free blue potion, per raid. Requesting backup also gives you a blue potion unless the host has turned that permission off or the raid is already full. In certain difficult raids you are given two potions for using a sticker or chat instead of requesting backup.
  • You only need to attack or use a skill once to get loot for the raid. This allows you to attempt to get loot from multiple raids simultaneously. You can join up to three raids and host one raid at once.
    • However, raid bosses do have a minimum contribution value that determines whether you receive Pendants; if you are below the minimum contribution, you will not receive any Pendants once 3 minutes have passed since you first joined the raid.
    • Red Host chests are always granted to the player who starts the raid
    • Red MVP chests are always granted to the player who earns the most honor in the raid. Depending on the raid, there may be a chance for additional players from ranks 2-6 to also acquire a red MVP chest reward.
    • Blue Chests for raids that have them are awarded by chance based on each individual player in the raid's honors, and the more honors a player earned in the raid, the more likely the chest is to drop, with a certain threshold that will almost guarantee the drop varying depending on the raid.
    • If you are unable to contribute anything before the boss is defeated, any EP used to join the raid is refunded.
    • A share chest reward can only be collected by the host of the raid and any members of the host's crew that joined and participated in that raid.
    • You can only host or join one raid with a share chest that you are able to collect from at the same time.
  • You do not need to be alive when the boss is defeated to get loot.
  • If a raid finishes while you're not actively playing it, you can pick up the rewards from Pending Battles. You cannot host or join any raids if you have 5 or more pending battles (During Unite and Fight events, this happens with any pending battles).

Quick Raid Navigation

Standard Raids

Omega Raids

Standard Omega raids require rank 30 to host or join. These raids drop materials which can be used to summon Proto Bahamut. They cost 30 AP and 2 of their respective Omega Anima to host. They cost 3 EP to join.

Summon Raids

Tier 2 Summon Raids

Standard Tier 2 Summon raids requires rank 40 and clearing specific Main Quest chapters to host. These raids drop materials which can be used to summon Ultimate Bahamut. They cost 3 EP to join.

Primarch Raids

Primarch Raids requires obtaining materials from extreme difficulty of the respective trial to host.

Nightmare Raids

Standard Nightmare raids requires rank 80 to host and rank 50 to join. Each raid requires a special item as cost to summon and 80 AP. It costs 5 EP to join these raids.

Ultimate Raids

Impossible Raids

All of the following raids require rank 101 to host or join. They also require special materials to summon any of them, and have a cap of up to 18 to 30 players. They cost 50 or more AP, one to three materials to host; and 5 EP to join unless otherwise stated.

Story Raids

Impossible Story raids are unlocked through playing the main story.

Omega Raids

Omega Raids

Impossible Omega raids require clearing Proto Bahamut to host. They require three of their respective Omega Materials to host. They have a join cost of 3 EP. These raids will always drop an elemental Centrum.

Omega II Raids

Impossible Omega II raids require clearing their respective quests in Kluger Island to host.

They also require CrystalsCrystals: to host.

Hosting and defeating these bosses unlocks the ability to uncap Omega Summons and Omega Weapons

Omega III Raids

Impossible Omega III raids require clearing Omega II Raids of their respective element.

Tiamat Aura Omega Colossus Ira Omega
Leviathan Mare Omega Yggdrasil Arbos Omega
Luminiera Credo Omega Celeste Ater Omega

Ennead Raids

Malice and Menace Raids

4★ Raids

Six-Dragon Raids

Six-Dragon raids require being rank 151+ as well as hosting and defeating Lindwurm (Raid).

Nightmare Raids

Impossible Nightmare raids are the most common way to farm Gold Bricks.

Astral Raids

Astral raids are the main source of materialsMaterials: used for unlocking the last uncap on Dark Opus Weapons and Astral Weapons as well as purchasing different Guiding Gospel skill keys.

Revans Raids

Revans raids require being rank 200+ as well as hosting and defeating Lucilius (Hard).

Super Ultimate Raids

9★ Impossible Raids