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Status Charm.png
Charm is a debuff usable both by friends and foes.
While charmed, there's a percentage chance the afflicted will not attack.
An enemy Charge Attack prevented by Charm will still drain all Charge Diamonds.

Status Charm.pngCharmedAttacks are slightly limited
does not stack regardless of source, the strongest effect always takes priority.
Instead different charms such as
Status Temptation.pngEnticedAttacks are slightly limited
must be used.
Rank Proc% Main Character Characters Summons Rosine crackers
1  ?

Unpredictable (Chaos Ruler)

2 55%

Angelic Voice II - Harp
Weapon s 1040009000.jpg Antwerp
Bewitching Bouquet square.jpg Bewitching Bouquet
Weapon s 1040004700.jpg Deep Desire
Valentine Sword square.jpg Valentine Sword
Weapon s 1030001800.jpg Royal Rapier

Vira (Summer) - Fascinate

3 50%

Weapon s 1040106300.jpg Arsene
Weapon s 1040802600.jpg Melodic Sphere
Weapon s 1040703300.jpg Roseate Aetherial Bow
Valentine Wand square.jpg Valentine Wand

Catherine - Charge Attack
Lilele - Charge Attack
Goblin Mage - Space Out

Summon s 2040017000.jpg Siren 3★

9 - 10
4 45%

Angelic Voice - Harp
Angelic Voice II - Fonic Rod square.jpg Fonic Rod

Niyon - Charge Attack

7 - 8
5 35%

Angelic Voice - Fonic Rod square.jpg Fonic Rod
Charm Bullet square.jpg Charm Bullet

Catherine - Abilities
Cerberus - Triad Deception
Chat Noir - Charge Attack
Heles (Summer) - Carry On
Metera (Fire) - Adorned Remittance+
Metera (Wind) - Bowstring Bow
Tweyen - Depravity
Vania - Charm Throb
Ranko Kanzaki - Rozen Sturm
Shiki Ichinose - Enchanting Fragrance

Summon s 2040291000.jpg Narita

5 - 6
6 25%

Angelic Voice II - Non-Harp

Anna (SR) - Charm Fire
Elta - Wonder Song
Jessica (Summer) - Kiss Shot
Lecia (Summer) - Beach Strike
Minami Nitta - Enchanting Smile

Summon s 2040017000.jpg Siren 0-2★
Summon s 2040067000.jpg Mammon

7 15%

Angelic Voice - Non-Harp

Airi Totoki - Sensitive Heart
Kanako Mimura - Sweet Magic
Ladiva - Androgenous Heart 100%
Ladiva (Christmas) - Comforting Rainmaker
Mika Jougasaki - Charge Attack++
Mio Honda - Falling Star
Mizuki Kawashima - Magic Wand
Uzuki Shimamura - Twinkle Star

2 - 3
8  ? 1
Unknown -

Jewel Modele square.jpg Jewel Modele
Weapon s 1040202000.jpg Rosen Maiden
Weapon s 1030603600.jpg Valentine Glove


  • Debuffs are listed from strongest (Rank 1) to weakest (Rank 8).
  • Base resist rates vary between different skills.
  • Higher ranks are better, but base resist rates vary between different skills.
  • Proc% is the chance the charm will prevent the foe from attacking.
  • If a charm is missing, please add it to the Unknown row so we know to look out for it.
  • greatsundome lists Vania as 30%, but same rank as Catherine and Cerberus.
Because we here assume stronger effects overwrite weaker ones we have chosen to list all charms of that strength as 35%.

Related debuffs[edit]

Status Temptation.png Entice[edit]

Attacks are slightly limited.

Catherine can inflict a special status debuff called
Status Temptation.pngEnticedAttacks are slightly limited
Status Temptation.pngEnticedAttacks are slightly limited
has a 45% proc rate.
The Charm proc is rolled first and Entice second. Together they can reach over 75% proc rate if the strongest Charm is used.