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Turn progression is an effect that progresses the battle turn by a set amount at the end of the turn.


Icon Name Element Source Cooldown Turns Progressed Notes
Akashic Cylinder
ATK: 140
Hits all: Yes
Chance to progress battle turn by 1
Akashic Cylinder - - 1 turn Can only be used by Gunslinger or Soldier.

 Delay ActProgress battle turn by 2 at end of turn.
8 turns 2 turns Selectable option from  Secret HandsSkill effect changes based on the card selected.
(Can only be used after  The Fool UprightWhen Switching to Main Ally:
Caim's SpadeATK is boosted based on Spade Rank / Elemental DMG will be treated as the element superior to the target (Can't be removed)
Multiplier: PerpetuityDuration: Indefinite
, HeartHealing specs are boosted based on Heart Rank / Damage dealt by one-foe attacks is partially absorbed to HP (Can't be removed)
Duration: Indefinite
, DiamondDEF is boosted based on Diamond Rank / Elemental DMG from foes turns into water DMG (Can't be removed)
Duration: Indefinite
, and ClubDebuff success rate is boosted based on Club Rank / Deals bonus earth DMG for one-foe attacks (Can't be removed)
Duration: Indefinite
ranks all rise by a random number (Max: 4).
(Can't be reactivated.)
At level 95:
Now affects all Earth allies.

Clarisse (Valentine)  
Clarisse's Homemade Chocolate20% boost to MC's charge bar gain.
Battle turn progresses by 1 at end of turn upon casting Atomic Acceleration.
7 turns 1 - 2 turns Interacts with  Atomic AccelerationPlain damage to a foe based on number of turns passed multiplied by 100,000 (Damage cap: 1,000,000) and remove 1 buff.
Inflict GravitySpecial attack max charge turn is extended
Base Accuracy: 100%Duration: 180 seconds
From 10th turn onward: Activates twice.
Progresses turn by 2 from 10th turn onwards.

 Ama no SakateProgress battle turn by 5 at end of turn.
(Activates only when caster is a main ally. Can't recast.)
Ready in 10 turns10-turn cooldown at start of battle. Cannot be recast after one use. 5 turns