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Status Coldcage.png

Can't Attack

Coldcage is a local status effect that can stop an enemy from taking any action for 1-2 turns.

Sources of Coldcage

Class Skills

Icon Name Skill Target Cooldown Notes
Class 210301 kt square.jpg Class 210301 kt icon.png Runeslayer Ability Runeweaving.png 
RuneweavingCall forth the power of the tetra-elements to cast a spell.
One Enemy 5 turns Freezing Shackles (WaterRune.png + FireRune.png)
Requires Status Water Circle 1.pngWater CircleA magic circle possessing the power of water (Max: 2 / Can't be removed)

Character Skills

Icon Name Rarity Element Skill Target Cooldown
Npc m 3040192000 01.jpg
Aglovale Rarity SSR.png Label Element Water.png Ability Eiszapfen.png 
Eiszapfen250%-300% Water damage to all foes (Damage cap: ~440,000).
Inflict Status FireAtkDown.png20% Fire ATK DownFire ATK is lowered
Strength: 20%Base Accuracy: 90%Duration: 180 seconds
and Status Coldcage 2.pngColdcageCan't attack
Base Accuracy: 90%Verification needed. Duration: 2 turnsLocal status effect
All Enemies 8 turns
Lvl 75:
7 turns
Npc m 3040275000 01.jpg
New Generations Rarity SSR.png Label Element Light.png Ability m 1154 1.png 
Iolite Bloom400% Light damage to all foes (Damage cap: ~500,000).
Inflict Status Coldcage 1.pngColdcageCan't attack
Base Accuracy: 70%Duration: 1-2 turnsLocal status effect
One Enemy Linked Skill:Certain characters have skills where the cooldown is linked with that of the character's other skills. When such a skill is cast, all other skills linked to it will share the same cooldown. As a result, only one linked skill can be cast during the same turn.
4 turns

Summon Calls

Icon Name Rarity Element Call Target Cooldown
Summon m 2040293000.jpg
Macula Marius (Summer) Rarity SSR.png Label Element Water.png Astral FrostMassive Water damage to all foes.
Inflict Status Coldcage.pngColdcageCan't attack
Base Accuracy: 100%Duration: 1-2 turnsLocal status effect
on all Fire foes for 1 to 2 turns.
All Fire Enemies 3 turns3-turn cooldown at start of battle /
9 turns9-turn cooldown upon call

Related Debuffs

Status Paralysis.pngParalyzedCan't attack
Status Inert 1.pngInertCan't attack
Local status effect
Status Stared Stiff 1.pngStared StiffCan't use special attack / Chance that attacks are inhibited / Takes big DMG
Takes 10% more damage
Local status effect
Status Stun.pngStunnedCan't attack