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About Status Effects
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Tap a character's "In Effect" icons to view more buff and debuff information. Tap an enemy's HP bar to view its buff and debuff information.

Skills, charge attacks, and summons can have effects on party members and foes. These include buff effects, which strengthen, and debuff effects, which weaken. Some effects count as both buffs and debuffs. Effects end after enough turns or time pass, or they're cancelled by a character's skill.

Buffs and debuffs that are the exact same effect will typically replace or overwrite each other. When using Fighter's Rage I and Warrior's Rage II at the same time, Rage II will overwrite an existing Rage I, but Rage I will have no effect on an existing Rage II. Using Rage II again will simply overwrite the old Rage II effect. However, some skills are what is colloquially known a "dual skill," which cause effects that stack with other non-dual (single) effects. The best example of this is Dark Fencer's Miserable Mist, which stacks with Sidewinder's Rain of Arrows III, causing enemies to reach the maximum Attack Lowered value of -50%.

Buffs and debuffs with "(stackable)" in the name will increase in effect every time they are applied as the name implies, up to a certain limit, while also returning to the original duration, if applicable. Bounty works the same way, although it also becomes harder to add more stacks the higher it already is.

The duration of most status effects is either expressed in battle turns or seconds of real time. For the most part, effects on the player's party have a turn-based duration while effects on enemies are time-based. Exceptions to the latter usually have an icon with a number displaying the remaining number of turns and tend to be what's often called a "local" effect.

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  • Buffs
For example Status AttackUp.pngATK UpATK is boosted
, Status DefenseUp.pngDEF UpDEF is boosted
, and Status TripleUp.pngTA UpTriple attack rate is boosted
No known cap.
  • Special Buffs
Certain status effects are classified as "special buffs", which are indicated by their skill descriptions in-game, and the status infobox in the wiki.
Most special buffs have an icon unique to a specific character and their character versions, such as Korwa's Status Col.pngColHP is restored on every turn / DEF is boosted
However, not all buffs with unique icons are special buffs, such as Anila's Status Sheep.pngHidden Tiger, Crouching DragonCharge bar gain is boosted /
Debuff resistance is boosted /
ATK is boosted /
Double attack rate is boosted /
Attacks made with elemental superiority have a chance to deal boosted DMG
(Can't be removed)
which is a regular buff.
Special buffs can be active at the same time as regular buffs, applying normal stacking rules (e.g. additive for normal modifier ATK buffs).
Special buffs can be active at the same time as other special buffs, but only the stats with the highest value will apply.[1][2]
  • Debuffs
For example Status AttackDown.pngATK DownATK is lowered
, Status DefenseDown.pngDEF DownDEF is lowered
, and Status Gravity.pngGravitySpecial attack max charge turn is extended
  • Dual and Single
Used to indicated whether (de)buffs sourced from character skills stack with each other.
This terminology was used due to skills that buff/debuff one attribute (Single), were able to stack with skills that buff/debuff two attributes (Dual).
While this is frequently the case, many exceptions exist now and these terms are currently only used to indicate stacking possibilities.
  • Source
Refers to the source of an effect. Most common sources are Skill, Support Skill, C.A, Summon Call, Summon Aura. Source often, but not always, plays a role in effect stacking.
Skill refers to Main Character's and other allies' skills.
Support Skill refers to a character's passive ability.
C.A. refers to Charge Attack of characters or weapons.
Summon Call refers to effects taking place after summon has been summoned.
Summon Aura refers to passive effects granted by a summon.
  • Side
Used to explain how effects stacks with each other.
Generally, only one effect of the same side can be active at a time. Stronger effects overwrite weaker ones and if you try to apply a weaker effect, while a stronger one is active, you'll get a "NO EFFECT" message.
Equally strong effects of the same stacking side will overwrite each other and the duration will be overwritten too (not extended).
  • Local
Refers to enemy buffs and debuffs that are exclusive to a player's fight such as Ultimate Bahamut's Status Ruination Ray 1.pngRuination RayDeals 3-hit plain DMG to an ally each turn
or Grea's Status Dracoforce 1.pngDracoforce Under Grea's sway / Grea's ATK specs will be boosted upon attacking this foe (Can't be removed)
Local status effect
Local effects are signified by having a diamond-shaped status icon rather than a circle shape.
Unlike other buffs and debuffs, Local effects can only ever have turn-based durations.
If a local status effect is overwritten on a foe, the duration is also overwritten regardless of what the previous duration was.

  • Half Turns
Some buffs or debuffs on this wiki may have a listed duration of x.5 Turns.
These are applied during the attack phaseThe phase that is immediately after pressing the Attack button of a turn and only affect allies and/or enemies who perform their attack after gaining the effect.
Refresh and turn-based damage applied during the attack phase which have their effect on the turn transition are also labeled as x.5 Turns.
For example, a status with the duration of 1.5 turns is technically 2 turns in the game, but this initial duration cannot be normally seen by players. Status durations still count down by 1 at the end of the turn even when applied during the attack phase.


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