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Trophies are in-game objectives that give various rewards for achieving certain milestones. Usually the rewards are Crystal square.jpg Crystals, but there are some trophies that award summon stones and Class Distinctions.

Most trophies can be completed at any time, but some are related to various events and generally only available while these events are underway.


You can display a trophy that you have completed as a title that appears in your profile and in the coop room. To display a trophy, go to Menu > Profile, click on the pencil icon to the right of your player name, then click on Change Trophy. This doubles as a way to view your trophy progress.

Notable Trophies[edit]

2040057000.jpg Earn [Skybound] Ranko Kanzaki from the following trophies.

2040073000.jpg Earn [Skybound] Kirari from the following trophies.

2040170000.jpg Earn Milia from the following trophies.

VermilionOutfitIcon.jpg Earn the Vermilion outfit from the following trophy:

  • Crimson-Eyed One: Earn at least 200 Siege Shields in Wings of the Temptress 3 times, not including victory bonuses.

Earn 1 Class Distinction of the appropriate class from the following trophies:

Counts any class in that class's tree. For example, using any of Enhancer, Arcana Dueler, Dark Fencer, or Chaos Ruler will count towards the Fencer trophies that award a Fencer Distinction square.jpg Fencer Distinction.