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Event duration: 19:00 JST, September 1, 2016 - 16:59 JST, September 21, 2016
03:00 PDT, September 1, 2016 - 00:59 PDT, September 21, 2016

Order of the Lord is a collaboration event featuring the Lord of Vermilion Re:3 arcade game. It is a Defense Order event, with Milia replacing the area boss of normal Defense Order scenarios.

Due to overall negative player feedback regarding the Defense Order activity, and culminating in the Order of the Lord event, Defense Order as a whole will be suspended indefinitely after the Order of the Lord event has ended on September 21, 2016. It may be brought back as a crew-only quest/event in the future, but there are no further details at this time.

Defense Order Schedule[edit]

The Defense Order schedule can be found in the in-game news update section. All times are in JST. Groups can be found in Menu > Profile, in the top-right next to player ID.

All times listed are the earliest that particular group can have a Defense Order. Actual start times will be within that hour.

Upcoming Defense Orders[edit]

Defense Order is suspended while the Arcarum: The World Beyond event is active. It will resume after 23:00 September 19, 2016 (JST).


Wings of the Temptress[edit]

A seductress from a realm of red has bewitched an island. Most people are helpless before her charms, but the stolid few who can resist win a spot in her heart.
  • Rare Monsters: Slumbering Monstrosity (dark)
  • Area Keepers: Euglena (Water), Vulcanus (fire), Arezzo (earth)
  • Area Boss: Milia (dark)

Event Rewards[edit]


Vermilion square.jpg

Earn the event trophy Crimson-Eyed One to unlock a new outfit for Gran/Djeeta. This outfit can be worn by any class that uses Sabres.

Trophy: Crimson-Eyed One - Earn 200 Siege Shields in Wings of the Temptress 3 times, not including victory bonuses.

Event Limited Items[edit]

  • Milia, Rarity SSR.png summon
    • Aura: 40% boost to Dark elemental attack
    • Fully uncapped Aura: 50% boost to Dark elemental attack, 10% boost to Dark charge bar when battle starts
    • Call: Massive Dark damage to all enemies, 20% Attack UP for Dark allies

Earn event trophies to earn up to 3 copies of Milia. She can also be purchased once with Siege Shields.

  • Trophy: Repeller of Deviltry
    • Clear Wings of the Temptress 1 time.
  • Trophy: Purger of the Seductress
    • Clear Wings of the Temptress 3 times (total).
  • Trophy: Sage Vanquisher of the Carnal
    • Clear Wings of the Temptress 5 times (total).
      • The English translation for the trophy says Shore Maiden, but trophies are earned and progress made when clearing Wings of the Temptress, which is the only Defense Order available during this event.

Share Chest[edit]

Wings of the Temptress share chest
Reward Min. Siege
Shields to roll
Black Rabbit
SR Dark summon
Peacemaker Star 500
Star Sand Scoop 500


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