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Appearance button highlighted.

Outfits are different clothes or costumes that you can select for a character. You cannot use multiple versions of the same character in your party at the same time, but having multiple versions allows you to change outfits, which changes the battle sprite and charge attack animation. Outfits can also be obtained as a simple cosmetic option via in-game promotions or tie-in product promotions. For example, there are a number of idol costumes that are bundled with Granblue Fantasy music CDs.

Upon uncapping any given character to 3★ and, if applicable, 5★, you unlock new art for that character, in addition to a slightly different battle sprite.

Outfits can be changed by clicking the "Appearance" button on a character's details screen. This settings page controls a number of customizations.

Changing Outfits and Poses

Appearance screen.

Select an Outfit

The character's outfit dictates the art and sprites that you would like to use for this character. It affects most of the settings below as far as what options you can choose. To avoid confusion with the character's other variants, Inventory, Character Details, and Star Character settings won't be affected by choosing an outfit different from the original. All other options are based on the character's current outfit.

Most importantly, the outfit drives which charge attack and skills animations the character uses in battle. Even if you change a character's outfit, the damage and effects of the original charge attack and skills will still apply in battle.

Outfits are often chosen based on their animation time, where an outfit with the shortest animation time is generally the most desired.

Home Screen Pose

This is the character art that will appear on your Home screen when you click the Switch button on the left side.

Inventory Pose

This determines which icon to display in your Upgrade, Uncap, and Inventory screens.

Character Details Pose

This determines which icon to display on the character's details screen.

Party Pose

This determines which vertical portrait to display in your party screen. This setting will also change which art will be displayed every time the character gains a new Extended Mastery Level.

Battle Pose

This determines which vertical portrait to display in your battle status area. This option also affects which voice lines are said by the character in battles.

Most of the time, a character's 1★ and 3★ uncap battle poses will share the exact same voice lines. However, few exceptions exist, such as Haaselia or Vajra.

Sprite Pose

This determines which sprite to use in battle. This changes which animations are used by the character in battles.

Charge Attack Pose

When performing a charge attack, this determines which horizontal portrait to use. It can only be seen when the charge attack skip option is turned off.

Chain Burst Pose

When performing a chain burst, this determines which vertical portrait to use.

Unique Outfits

These outfits are not obtained with different versions of the same character, but are instead standalone outfits from events or promotions. Most outfits are only purchasable when there is a promotion.

Please see the Character Skins page for a complete list and the Main Page for ongoing promotions.