Class Distinction

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Gladiator Distinction square.jpgGuardian Distinction square.jpgPilgrim Distinction square.jpgMage Distinction square.jpgBandit Distinction square.jpgFencer Distinction square.jpg
Combatant Distinction square.jpgSharpshooter Distinction square.jpgTroubadour Distinction square.jpgCavalryman Distinction square.jpgAlchemist Distinction square.jpgSamurai Distinction square.jpg
Ninja Distinction square.jpgSword Master Distinction square.jpgGunslinger Distinction square.jpgMystic Distinction square.jpgAssassin Distinction square.jpg

Class Distinctions are rare items needed to unlock Row IV classes.


Use Amount
Unlock Row IV class 20
Unlock Extra II Classes 20
Purchase a Class Champion Replica Weapon 1
Rebuild Class Champion Weapons 10
Change a Class Champion Weapon's element 30
Craft Gold Relic to uncap Eternals character to 5★ 30