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World Map of the Phantagrande, Nalhegrande, and Oarlyegrande borders.

Once upon a time, the God of Creation created the world. A world filled with countless islands—the world the skydwellers live in today.

Life was born on the islands, and it grew and prospered.

But as time went on, they eventually began to rebel against their creator.

Their rebellion tore the god into two.

One god held the power of destruction and regeneration, while the other held that of creation. The latter, however, disappeared to the end of the skies.

The other god remained in the sky world, and so the sky realm has undergone a cycle of destruction and regeneration to the present day.

While the God of Creation could create from nothing, it could not destroy. Thus, with every world it would create, stagnation would be each realm's only destiny.

-Creation Myth

Phantagrande Skydom

The area where Zinkenstill, Port Breeze Archipelago, and others drift among the calm breeze. It is encircled by the Grim Basin on all sides, but due to so many prosperous islands, there are few who attempt to leave. However, in recent years the Erste Empire has been in frequent conflict with the peoples of many islands in their quest to dominate the Skydom.


Port Breeze Archipelago

Valtz Duchy

Auguste Isles

Lumacie Archipelago

Albion Citadel

Mist-Shrouded Isle

Golonzo Island

Amalthea Island

Former Capital Mephorash


Dydroit Belt

Silverwind Stretch, North Vast

Nalhegrande Skydom

Home to the Scarlet Knight Baragona, and neighbor to the Phantagrande Skydom. The Dydroid Belt cuts across the Grim Basin lying between the two skydoms. Civil unrest stands as one the skydom's biggest problems. With giant ruins nearly the size of the islands they float above, the particularities of Nalhegrande Skydom draw attention from all over.

Merkmal Island

Groz Island

Kluger Island

Bestia Island

Reiche Island

Starke Island

The Edgelands

Oarlyegrande Skydom

A skydom that borders Nalhegrande Skydom and can be reached through the Dydroit Belt, which traverses the Grim Basin between them. Currently the Istavion Kingdom, which retains the Golden Knight of the Seven Luminary Knights, holds dominion over this skydom.

New Utopia

Magmell Island

Libertaria Island

Duat Island

Tranquio Island

Edan Island

Zegagrande Skydom

This page or section is about content from Granblue Fantasy: Relink.
It is considered part of Granblue Fantasy's world and continuity,
but does not necessarily appear in the mobile game.

The Captain's newest adventure unfolds across this western stretch of sky, home to islands such as Leautagne and the Ainsteddo Archipelago. It is cut off from the rest of the world by a particularly thick and churning stretch of the Grim Basin, through which very few airships can or are willing to fly. Due to this dearth of foreign interaction, Zegagrande is also known as "the forgotten skydom." Five hundred years ago, this expanse was ruled by the Seedhollow Empire, which converted into a republic following the Sky Realm victory in the War. Since then, Seedhollow has become a political and economic hub.

Ainsteddo Archipelago

This mountainous archipelago lies in the west of Zegagrande. Its thriving towns and villages are blessed by perpetual spring. Unfortunately, people, crops, and animals aren't the only things that flourish in this mild climate, and both the economic hub of Folca and the mining settlement of Tempeal are plagued by monster attacks on its trade routes.

Leautagne Island

This huge island is threaded throughout with mountain ranges, with the highest peak, Mt. Neigelith, piercing the underbelly of the clouds. Leautagne is blasted with snow throughout the year—miserable for locals, but in summer, ice is carted down from its mountains and exported to neighboring islands as frozen treats. Deep in the heart of this frigid region lies Tredame Sanctum, where the primeval god Managarmr is enshrined. Despite Leautagne's inhospitable climate, it gets more than a few pilgrims.

Almerain Island

This island floats in the heart of Zegagrande—small, but densely populated, as it contains the city of Seedhollow, the skydom's foremost economic hub. Almerain typically enjoys balmy weather year-round, with a good mixture of sunshine and rain, and its summers are dry and temperate.

Dahli Island

Much of this region has been claimed by desert, in whose embrace lie huge ruins rumored to be filled with treasure. Besides its artifacts, Dahli is blessed with all kinds of mineral resources and, in the past, bustled with merchant activity. A catastrophe fifteen years ago cut all this short. With their homes and livelihoods ruined, local residents were forced to evacuate, and all marks of civilization were buried in sand. Dahli is still a ghost island to this day.

Other Skydoms

Along with the above skydoms, there are four additional major skydoms that have yet to be seen: Amahtgrande, Ecksegrande, Kahlesgrande, and Wahnungrande. They are all under the True King's control.

Other Locations


The legendary home of the Astrals. Its existence is wrapped in the same mystery surrounding its ancient inhabitants. A great number of skyfarers have scattered across the Blue Beyond in hopes of one day finding it. It's spoken of as a place full of majesty and otherworldly knowledge, and that whomever finds this isle will be granted their every wish.

Grim Basin

An area brimming with miasma that divides the Skydom. Violent winds whip the miasma in the Basin into a frenzy. Crews that sail here have to fight not only countless fiendish creatures, but relentless gales that threaten to tear their airship apart. It's said that the only way to pass through this evil place is to assemble all the scattered pieces of the Sky Map.


Located in an area with winds as violent as the Grim Basin, there is not a merchant, cartographer, or skyfarer who dares go near. Whether or not civilization can even be found on this island is uncertain, for no records exists. That is why it is known as a land of ill repute.

The Earthly Realm

The land of the dead. Those who have been to the Realm and subsequently returned exist only in myth. Ever since ancient times, falling to earth has meant death. Even today, there are some funeral rites that include casting the coffin of the deceased to earth. Records exist of curious orders who had set their sights on earth, but each and every one has vanished, so no one can be sure whether or not they were able to reach the Earthly Realm unscathed.

Jewel Resort Casino Liner

A giant casino liner that tours around the Phantagrande Skydom. The incredibly luxurious interior belies the fact that it's an airship, making it the perfect place for skyfarers to kick back and relax. From poker to slots to bingo—and of course the famous duels at the arena—there is no shortage of entertainment aboard the Jewel Resort Casino Liner.

The Kingdom of Levin

A lightning-covered island in the easternmost point of Phantagrande. It is known for its powerful order as well as its two legendary trademarks, the Celestial Eye and the Skyblade, which have survived since the time of the War. Yurius, a knight of Levin raised under the banner of a duke, assassinated the king and stole the Astral Void Lacrima, leaving the kingdom devastated.

Alster Island

Home to the former Irestill Kingdom, its rulers made a pact with True Dragon Deirdre to stand against the Astral onslaught during the War. That pact continued after the War ended, and every three hundred years the royals of Irestill would use their magic to create a new vessel for Deirdre to inhabit. In exchange Deirdre kept the monsters on Alster in check, but the last king of Irestill, King Connor, ordered the knight Naoise to eliminate Deirdre, which led to the eventual collapse of the kingdom. The island is currently under a new government and working toward rebuilding, one step at a time.

Fehrtyl Island

Known for its fertile and flourishing landscape of fruits, nuts, and mushrooms, this island is known as the “bountiful island.” Many of the products native to the island attract tourists from across the sky. For that reason, the island’s lax borders supposedly allow for visitors to freely come and go to enjoy the harvest and mountains.

The Menean Empire

This empire exists in the eastern region of Phantagrande and is occupied by Lumacie and Sephira military forces. The Menean Empire is run by General Vizan who is deeply trusted by his people and very often conducts external negotiations. Within the empire, there are rumors of blood-stained battles for the crown, but that history has long been swallowed by the darkness.

Midnight Island

Home to the goblins, this island is a desolate conglomeration of stone and rubble. Deep within its caves lies a fortress, which the goblins defend with their lives. It is deep within these caves that the Goblin King has hidden the primal beast, Hekatonkheir, as his ace against the Menean Empire.

Phidi Island

Although this island is now idyllic and self-sufficient, it started as a settlement of skydwellers from another, nearby island who were brought here to combat overpopulation and food shortage issues. The land was cultivated almost immediately after an official assessment found the land to be fertile and the climate fair. As development was progressing, however, a snake-like primal beast that had been sleeping on the island since the time of the War awoke, bringing calamity to the immigrating population. At first the people tried to search for a way to live peacefully alongside the primal, but as causalities rose, this was deemed to be a futile pursuit. With all hope lost, the settlers were ready to abandon the project, but the Legendary Skyfaring Minstrels appeared and put the primal to sleep using the power of their music.

Sharom Island

An island where monsters live under the the primal beast Sharom who has the power to suppress the will to fight. Sadly, this misunderstood land is seen to the outside world as the cursed monster capital where monsters roam free to terrorize all. Intelligent monsters and monsters who value peace hear of Sharom's power and come flocking. This collection of special monsters is currently governed by Queen Constance. While the population largely consists of monsters, a very small community of humans live on the island as well. Claudia and Dorothy are their descendents. The residents of Sharom Island lead such extremely simple lives that it is said their first ruler was chosen based on ability to care for the Sharom flowers.

Mysteria Academy of Magic

The most prestigious and preeminent magic academy in Phantagrande, its reputation commands respect far and wide. From royal families to the lowest commoners, all aspiring mages are welcomed through its gates. Equipped with two core monoliths, even novices find themselves commanding magic with ease. Students here study all kinds of magic from morning until night—sometimes even the forbidden kind.

Chocolae Island

Run by a famous chocolatier, this island is famous for its chocolate. Every year during the Valentine season, many gather in search of such treasure. The rarest kind of chocolate found there is even said to be kissed with love magic. To find those elusive delicacies, one must seek out chocolate sprites, who roam the land freely. Any who come to this island must be ready to run a marathon chasing these enchanting monsters. This in itself is an event before the advent.

Eastern Island of the Rising Sun

During the War, research on weaponizing primal beasts was conducted here. Now it is a forgotten land faded from memory, all but erased from the annals of history.

Eureka Island

An island that holds many memories for the brothers Rashomon and Daimon. Previously home to quarries and mines which produced highly workable raw materials, the processing techniques developed here were invaluable to the era. However, advancing technology led to a decrease in demand, causing the facilities to close and the island to be forgotten. Growing up, Rashomon and Daimon used the resources lying dormant on this island for the manufacturing of prototype parts.

Moon Sliver

A peripheral island, its geography is reminiscent of the bumpy surface of the moon when seen from a giant telescope. The Society has identified this location as one of the Foe's bases. A direct line of communication remains between those who dwell on the moon and the Foe, but no one knows how it works.

The Moon

A mutable celestial body, considerably larger than everything else in the night sky. The skydwellers look upon it with a sense of wonder, as it is constantly changing form. It was once thought to be just a pale star, but when Zeta discovers a mural on Moon Sliver, the crew believes that it's an island floating in the upper regions of the sky.


Canaan is located in a lower layer of the Phantagrande Skydom. It can only be reached through a treacherous passage dubbed the Celestial Strait, to which countless airships and their crews have been lost. As a result, skyfarers far and wide consider Canaan to be unreachable.

Perfetto Island

Known as the island of the arts, its residents engage in their crafts daily out of respect for the island's guardian deity, Arte. Be it painting, sculpting, or music, the islanders hold each other's creative talents in high regard. One morning a work of art is placed in the town square by an unknown creator. Rumor has it that a light-haired young man wearing a hat lowered over his eyes was spotted the night before, but the truth remains unclear.

Juvenile Detention Island

Juvie for short. A correctional facility run by the Skydom Bureau of Investigation for the rehabilitation of minors who have committed criminal offenses. The small island's remote location effectively cuts off its inmates from civilization. Educational institutions throughout the skydom contribute materials and strategies to support these young people's reintegration into society.

Micenos Island

A small, unremarkable island tucked away in a corner of the Phantagrande Skydom. It has one medium-sized town, on the outskirts of which is a place known as Mao Mera Hill. For some reason the citizens don't seem fond of cats.

Wolfire Island

The fortress home of the Souvals, built long ago by the Sun Lord. Located near the summit of a volcano, it is hot year-round. The system of caves which run mazelike through the mountain provide a natural defense against outsiders.

Medvecia Island

This island is home to beings said to have only appeared in legends: vampires. Located in Phantagrande's northeastern region, the entire land mass is perpetually hidden in a thin layer of fog; its residents are protected from the sun, but that means living in a constant state of dusk. Most people steer clear of the island, having heard tales of fearsome vampires feasting on the blood of the living, but intrepid skyfarers and treasure hunters eagerly seek out Medvecia's hidden inhabitants.