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World Map of the Phantagrande-Nalhegrande border.
Once upon a time, the God of Creation created the world. A world filled with countless islands -- the "sky world" we live in today.

In this world, life was born on the islands, and despite being small, they grew up healthy.

But eventually, these little life forms rebelled against the God.

Their rebellion tore the God into two.

One God had the power of "destruction and regeneration," and the other had the power of "creation." But the "God of Creation" disappeared off toward the end of the sky.

The other God remained in the sky world, and so the sky world underwent "destruction and regeneration" over and over until the present day...

The "God of Creation" could produce things from nothing, but as it could not destroy anything, it ended up creating a stagnant world.
-Creation Myth

Phantagrande Skydom[edit]

The area where Zinkenstill, Port Breeze Archipelago, and others drift among the calm breeze. It is encircled by the Grim Basin on all sides, but due to so many prosperous islands, there are few who attempt to leave. However, in recent years the Erste Empire has been in frequent conflict with the peoples of many islands in their quest to dominate the Skydom.

Zinkenstill Large.jpg

Port Breeze Archipelago Large.jpg
Port Breeze Archipelago

Valtz Duchy Large.jpg
Valtz Duchy

Auguste Isles Large.jpg
Auguste Isles

Lumacie Archipelago Large.jpg
Lumacie Archipelago

Albion Citadel Large.jpg
Albion Citadel

Mist-Shrouded Isle Large.jpg
Mist-Shrouded Isle

Golonzo Island Large.jpg
Golonzo Island

Amalthea Island Large.jpg
Amalthea Island

Former Capital Mephorash Large.jpg
Former Capital Mephorash

Agastia Large.jpg

Dydroit Belt Large.jpg
Dydroit Belt

Silverwind Stretch North Vast Large.jpg
Silverwind Stretch, North Vast

Nalhegrande Skydom[edit]

Home to the Scarlet Knight Baragona, and neighbor to the Phantagrande Skydom. The Dydroid Belt cuts across the Grim Basin lying between the two skydoms. Civil unrest stands as one the skydom's biggest problems. With giant ruins nearly the size of the islands they float above, the particularities of Nalhegrande Skydom draw attention from all over.
Idelva Kingdom Merkmal Island Large.jpg
Merkmal Island
Groz Island Cropped.jpg
Groz Island