Mist-Shrouded Isle

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Mist-Shrouded Isle Large (Clear).jpg

An island shrouded in strange fog.
Everything, including truth itself, lies beyond the mist.

Mist-Shrouded Isle is the location for chapters 21-24 of the main quest.

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Shrouded in mist all year long, the island has one village and very few inhabitants. In the past, Tramont shared some contact with neighboring islands. However, it became completely closed off with the arrival of the mist several decades ago. Skyfarers who've visited claim that the few people there are quite welcoming.


Murky Fields[edit]

Location Murky Fields.png

Mist-shrouded island fields. Nightmares peek out from gaps in the spectral fog.
  • Main Quests
    • Chapter 21: Stranded in the Mist (20 AP)
  • Free Quests
    • Apples for the Dead (20 AP)
    • Till Death Do Us Part (20 AP)
    • Birds of a Feather (20 AP)

Town of Crepesculo[edit]

Location Town of Crepesculo.png

The village of the undead. Their bodies may be rotting, but the town is just as lively as ever.

Tombs, Town of Crepesculo[edit]

Location Tombs, Town of Crepesculo.png

A graveyard near the undead village. There haven't been any new holes dug in quite some time.

Dispirra Cliff[edit]

Location Dispirra Cliff.png

A sheer cliff located near the edge of the island. In its shadow, an immortal beast lies in wait.


Rare Monsters[edit]


By clicking on the sparkles in the following order, Lyria will find Crystal square.jpg Crystal ×50.

  1. Top Right (Villagers)
  2. Left (Village Office)
  3. Top Middle (Monster Mansion)
  4. Bottom (Bridge of the Dead)

Mist-Shrouded Isle Town.jpg


Its proper name is Tramont Island.

Tramont Island is Ferry's home, and thus is predictably also where Drang's grandmother was born. She was sent away to be treated for an illness before the unnamed doctor invoked Celeste and turned the island into an undead shadow of itself.

Ferry and her pets are currently the sole residents of the island. Presumably, this includes Momo as well.