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Resolute ReactorFanned FinGenesis Bud
Green Dragon EyePrimal BitBlack Fog Sphere

The 6 Omega raids all have a drop item unique to the boss itself, pertaining to its appearance or lore. Colossus drops Resolute Reactor, Leviathan drops Fanned Fin, Yggdrasil drops Genesis Bud, Tiamat drops Green Dragon Eye, Luminiera drops Primal Bit, and Celeste drops Black Fog Sphere.


These unique items are used to uncap characters and in crafting Fabled Weapons.

Use Amount
Uncap SSR to 5★ 3
Uncap SR to 5★ 2
Uncap Story SR to 5★ 10
Uncap summons from Rotating Showdowns to 4★ 5
Uncap Cerberus to 4★ 3 Black Fog Sphere square.jpg Black Fog Sphere
Uncap Fenrir to 4★ 3 Fanned Fin square.jpg Fanned Fin
Host Impossible Omega Raids 3
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (step 5) 20 of each item
+ 60 in the desired element
Upgrade Bahamut Weapons to Nova form 20, dependent on weapon
Forge Xeno Weapons to True form 30
Uncap Seraphic Weapons (SR) to 3★ 10