Golonzo Island

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Golonzo Island Large.jpg

An island where weary skyfarers come to rest.
Even tender promises can become unyielding shackles.

Golonzo Island is the location for chapters 25-28 of the main quest.

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An island of top-class craftsmen who possess skills in independently repairing any airship in Phantagrande Skydom. Although simple fixes for airships can be performed anywhere, Golonzo is the only place trusted by skyfarers for large repairs and upgrades. The central dock and its rising mast not only serve as the island's emblem, but also provide daily encouragement to craftsmen as it can be seen from anywhere on the island.


Faber Precinct[edit]

Location Faber Precinct.png

A residential area lined with houses. Knights gather at the pub come nightfall.

Nauta Quarter[edit]

Location Nauta Quarter.png

A district still rich in greenery. The tree-lined pathways bring back faint, nostalgic memories.
  • Main Quests
    • Chapter 26: Empty Promises (20 AP)
  • Free Quests
    • A True Fan (20 AP)
    • Broken-Ship Stealer (21 AP)
    • The Town Skyfarers (21 AP)
    • Respect Your Elders (20 AP, Rank 30+)
    • Bow Before the Peach (22 AP, Rank 30+)

Central Docks[edit]

Location Central Docks.png

The island's defining feature is this enormous ship dock. It's always puffing out white smoke, day and night.

Departure Area, Central Docks[edit]

Location Departure Area, Central Docks.png

An area encompassing the central dock's launching bay. Workers watch over the departure of new ships.


Rare Monsters[edit]


By clicking on the sparkles in the following order, Lyria will find a Premium Draw Ticket square.jpg Premium Draw Ticket.

  1. Bottom Left (Inspection Office)
  2. Top Right (Cranes)
  3. Bottom Middle (Airship Manteca)
  4. Top Middle (Central Docks)

Golonzo Island Town - Finis Archipelago.jpg