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Beatrix Eustace Gwynne
Ilsa Vaseraga Zeta


Alandus Heisenberg
Ronan Society Soldiers

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Central Axis

An organization based on the moon, far from the Sky and Astral Realms. Cassius, like many moondwellers, is a member. It is a strictly regimented society where members have no choice of profession and receive their food, necessities, and luxuries in accordance with their ranks. They are at war with strange, nebulous life-forms.


The mysterious denizens of the moon. They lack a spoken language, communicating instead through electronic tones. They prize logical thought and prefer to deal with the world around them in a mechanical fashion. They struggle to understand and frequently exhibit contempt for illogical decisions and actions. Most moondwellers' lives are controlled by the organization to which they belong.

Seal Weapons

The weapons with which Vaseraga, Zeta, and other Society combatants have made contracts. Named by Alandus. These weapons can absorb a primal beast's power and kill it. They are in fact the dormant forms of automagods created by moondwellers. A command from a moondweller or other triggers can awaken the weapons, causing them to revert to their automagod forms. Like the automagods, the seal weapons have no wills of their own, but it would seem that Embrasque—contracted to Beatrix—is an exception. Embrasque responds strongly to Beatrix's words and emotions.

Site Zero

One of the Society's many bases, at a top-secret location in Phantagrande. Filled with talented scientists and researchers, it is the source of constant advancements in science and technology. It has no combat personnel of its own, so personnel from other bases are temporarily dispatched to Site Zero as needed to protect the noncombatant staff. The facility was obliterated by Versatile and is currently being reconstructed.