Silverwind Stretch, North Vast

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Silverwind Stretch North Vast Large.jpg

A remote land bathed in silver-white, where a new destiny begins to stir.

Silverwind Stretch is the location for chapters 74-79 of the main quest.

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A territory of the great land mass of North Vast, the most northern area of Phantagrande, with the Eoniho Mountains rising through its center. Due to its location, it is a peculiar area with even more peculiar beasts. A portion of the area, which includes the peaks of the Eoniho Mountains, is occupied by the Grim Basin.


Griephland, Silverwind Stretch[edit]

Location Griephland, Silverwind Stretch.png

A wide snowy field whose emptiness breeds both wonder and despair into the hearts of travelers.

Glacier Base, Eoniho Mountains[edit]

Location Griephland, Silverwind Stretch.png

The foot of the Eoniho Mountains. Its low visibility disorients travelers and leaves no way of turning back.

Mountainside, Eoniho Mountains[edit]

Location Mountainside, Eoniho Mountains.png

A treacherous mountainside where explorers frequently fall prey to an endless maze of white and wind.

Hidden Village[edit]

Location Hidden Village.png

The people here have slipped quietly into the shadows of the past, and now their existence is only spoken of in legends.

Grim Basin[edit]

Location Grim Basin.png

A sky-splitting boundary where only those who prove worthy may cross into the whirling miasma.
3 Lvl 75 Aqua Gyre with 3.2m HP.

Mountain Peaks, Eoniho Mountains[edit]

Location Mountain Peaks, Eoniho Mountains.png

Near the ridge of the Eoniho Mountains. Only a handful of brave souls have ventured this far.
  • Main Quests
    • Chapter 79: At the Frontier's Edge (22 AP)


Rare Mosters[edit]


By clicking on the sparkles in the following order, Lyria will find a Premium Draw Ticket square.jpg Premium Draw Ticket.

  1. Bottom Left (The Hidden Village)
  2. Bottom (Silverwind Stretch Monsters)
  3. Middle (Eoniho Mountains)
  4. Top Right (Grim Basin)