The Edgelands

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The Edgelands Large.jpg

Blessed ground that straddles two realms. Here,
intertwined fates are questioned.

The Edgelands is the location for chapters 111-114 of the main quest.

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The Edgelands[edit]

The Edgelands exist in the boundary between the Sky Realm and the Crimson Horizon. As an entirely distinct entity from the Sky Realm, returning to the skies above once you've fallen into the Edgelands is a near impossible task. Time also works differently in this peculiar area, its passage altered considerably from the flow of time in the livable sky space.

Living Atop Ebisu[edit]

Ebisu drifts through the world unbound by the normal rules of time and space. As such, all manner of people throughout all skydoms and timelines fall atop the primal's back. The basis for life in the Edgelands depends on this phenomenon, so the arrival of newcomers is treated as one of the most important events.

Inhabitants at Odds[edit]

Having drifted down to the Edgelands, these groups of people must spend their lives atop the primal beast Ebisu. Among their ranks are all types of people from different backgrounds and time periods, but they focus on uniting under a shared commonality to prevent conflict. Despite this, conflicts are inevitable, leading to the formation of two opposing factions.

The Eruption[edit]

Incorporeal vestiges of power drift down to the Edgelands and collect inside of Ebisu. When this accumulated energy reaches a certain threshold, it explodes from the primal beast in a smoke-filled blast. This force is enough to break through the boundaries of the Edgelands into the skies above.



Location Walflosse.png

A pectoral fin of Ebisu. Those with resolute fates are invited to the Edgelands.

Edgelands Village[edit]

Location Edgelands Village.png

Where the edgedwellers reside. Some claim it is only a mirage.

Village of the Blessed[edit]

Location Village of the Blessed.png

The village where the Blessed reside. They are the pure, possessed not of good nor evil.

The Sacred Peak[edit]

Location The Sacred Peak.png

A volcano that acts as the blowhole for the primal beast of blessings. The lucky few may ride its eruption back to the skies above.



By clicking on the sparkles in the following order, Lyria will find a Premium Draw Ticket square.jpg Premium Draw Ticket.

  1. Top right (The Eruption)
  2. Bottom (Inhabitants at Odds)
  3. Middle (Living Atop Ebisu)
  4. Top (The Edgelands)
  5. Middle (Living Atop Ebisu)
  6. Bottom (Inhabitants at Odds)
  7. Top right (The Eruption)