What Makes the Sky Blue III: 000

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What Makes the Sky Blue III: 000 is a side story. It commemorates the 5th Birthday of Granblue Fantasy. According to the voiced trailer, 000 is pronounced "triple zero."

This page contains major event story spoilers. Continue reading at your own discretion.

This event is part of the Archangel Saga.

Additionally, the following story events take place after the conclusion of part III.

Archangels, fallen angels, and skydwellers—
Their intertwining fates converge toward terminus.

Hear the wails from the abode of the damned.
Look up, far above the crimson-dyed sky,
to where an ancient tower keeps vigil.

Anointed supreme primarch,
skydwellers, and the singularity must determine
whether the blue sky survives or burns.

What is Lucilius's grand finale?
Will the promise with Lucifer be fulfilled?
And who is the Speaker watching it all unfold?

Promotional Video

(The video is in Japanese)

For new players

Notable Rewards

"Which Atma Weapon should I get?"

Just like the previous events, all players have a chance to trade in for a free Atma Weapon upon completing the God's Reverie special chapter. These weapons provide a substantial amount of stat bonuses, not unlike the Bahamut Weapons provided in the What Makes the Sky Blue side story. Unlike Bahamut Weapons however, Atma Weapons take into consideration the weapon specialties of the classes and characters rather than their race. In addition, players may choose a specific element for the weapon. These weapons can also be upgraded by using Gauph Keys for better stat bonuses of their choice. Gauph Keys are obtained by trading Meteorite ×5, with three of them being available in the event rewards.

In general, picking an Atma Sword is the most ideal choice for most parties, due to the abundance of sword-specialty characters and popularity of sword-based classes, such as Chrysaor. However, players are also advised to check the weapon specialties of their characters. Ideally, choose a weapon based on characters (including the main character) with at least three similar specialties. If a class or character has two specialties, they will be affected by the weapon regardless of what they're currently using as their main hand weapon. Changing the class or character's skin does not change their specialties.

Choosing the element of the weapon relies solely if you want to use it as a main hand weapon. Atma Weapons make excellent main hands due to their ability to buff the entire team upon using a charge attack. Said buff increases the Elemental ATK of the party, the element of which is dependent on the element of the weapon. However, if the weapon is merely placed in the grid and not used as a main hand weapon, then the element of the weapon does not hinder parties of other elements.

With that said, all players, new or old, are highly recommended to obtain the free Atma Weapon which also means a free Ultima Core. Because Ultima Cores are limited, obtaining the Atma Weapon via the event gives more players more flexibility in their party lineups.

An Atma Weapon can't be obtained again if you've already obtained one in the last run. 50 crystals will be awarded instead.

New Character

This event has no recruitable character.

Event Battles

Story Battles

Occurrences Notes
Ch. 1, Ep. 4
Ch. 2, Ep. 4
Ch. 6, Ep. 2
Ch. 6, Ep. 3
Ch. 7, Ep. 4
Ch. 9, Ep. 4

Solo Battles

Belial Showdown
Cost to Host: 10 AP Unlock: Clear Ending
Wave Name Lvl HP Charge Mode
Boss Avatar Belial 40 8,700,000 ◇◇ Yes
Special Attacks Triggers and Notes
  • Anagenesis OD TR 25%
Dark damage to all allies.
Inflicts CharmedAttacks are slightly limited
Duration: 2.5 turnsApplied during the attack phase.
On the next turn, it'll have 2 turns remaining.
on all allies.
  • Bartholomew N TR 50%
Dark damage to all allies.
Inflicts BurnedHP is lowered on every turn
Duration: 2.5 turnsApplied during the attack phase.
On the next turn, it'll have 2 turns remaining.
on all allies.
  • Goetia N
5-hit Dark damage to random allies.
Gains TA UpTriple attack rate is boosted
Local status effect
  • Habakkuk OD TR 75%
Dark damage one ally.
Inflicts DEF DownDEF is lowered
Duration: 2.5 turnsApplied during the attack phase.
On the next turn, it'll have 2 turns remaining.
and CursedCan't be healed
Duration: 2.5 turnsApplied during the attack phase.
On the next turn, it'll have 2 turns remaining.
on hit ally.
  • Normal attacks hit two allies.
  • At end of turn
Avatar Belial gains Dark MotivesATK and multiattack rate are boosted (Stackable / Can be removed by dealing more than 1,000,000 DMG within a turn)
Local status effect
  • 75% Trigger
Casts Habakkuk.
  • 50% Trigger
Casts Bartholomew.
  • 25% Trigger
Casts Anagenesis.
N - Normal, OD - Overdrive, TR - Trigger
First clear: Crystal ×50
Every clear: Honor ×20,000
Wooden Silver Gold

God's Reverie

Event Rewards

Event Shop

Item Step Limit

Dragon's Rage
1 13015
2 16050
3 19075
4 1120100

Cherubim's Lance
1 1155
2 13020
3 15040
4 17560

Throne's Cane
1 15-
2 115-
3 120-
4 125-

Watcher's Adze
1 15-
2 115-
3 120-
4 125-

Premium Draw Ticket
1 115-
2 1205
3 13010

Angel Queen
1 303-

Half Elixir
1 20-2

Soul Berry
1 50-1

CP ×10
1 2031
2 1052
3 1083

Champion Merit
1 3155
2 33010
3 35015

Supreme Merit
1 35020
2 310040

Skill Shard
1 5203

Skill Jewel
1 33010


  English Title Japanese Title Step Description Reward Notes
All-Star Decoy 最強の囮役 ★☆☆ Get 100,000 honors in 000 Crystal ×10
Together We Stand 息の合った連携力 ★★☆ Get 500,000 honors in 000 Crystal ×30
Friendship in Your Cup その一服は絆の証 ★★★ Get 1,000,000 honors in 000 Crystal ×50
Supreme Dogfighter 空戦の覇者 Complete chapter 3 of 000 Crystal ×10
Steel Yourselves! 最善の準備を整えよ! Complete chapter 6 of 000 Crystal ×10
Ain Soph Aur アイン・ソフ・オウル Clear the bonus story God's Reverie Crystal ×50
My Neighbors Are Archangels 共に生きる ★☆☆ Clear the bonus story God's Reverie within 20 turns Crystal ×100
Imperfection Surpasses Perfection 不完全性は完全であることを凌駕する ★★☆ Clear the bonus story God's Reverie within 10 turns Crystal ×100
The One and Only 唯一無二 ★★★ Clear the bonus story God's Reverie within 5 turns Crystal ×100
You Like the Rough Stuff, Huh? 荒っぽいのが趣味なのか? ★☆☆ Clear the free quest 000 5 times Crystal ×10
It's No Fun Breaking You 調教する甲斐もない ★★☆ Clear the free quest 000 50 times Crystal ×30
You Nearly Finished Me Off 昇天するかと思ったよ ★★★ Clear the free quest 000 200 times Crystal ×50
Commander of the Allied Fleet 艦隊の指揮官 Clear the free quest The Fallen Lord Rises Crystal ×50
Enjoy the Grand Finale 良い終末を Defeat Belial (Maniac) Crystal ×50
Power That Transcends Existence 全存在を超越する力 Defeat Lucilius (Maniac) Crystal ×50


See: What Makes the Sky Blue III: 000/History and What Makes the Sky Blue III: 000/History 2‎

Voiced Trailer

Japanese[1] English[2]





どうして空は蒼いのか Part.III


Singularity, in order to fulfill Lord Lucifer's last wishes,
the fallen angels must be annihilated.
But the power of that pair is a threat unlike any other.
To archangels, their nightmarish intellect and
weapons that can strike down immortals are...

Hey, red dragon, how long are you going to rest on my head?
We're having a serious discussion here, and you're making me look foolish.

Hey, Girl in Blue! Don't you dare read that note!
No, it's nothing... I mean, there's nothing wrong with me writing a poem!
What did I ever do to you two?

You two really throw me off my stride.
I forgot what I was talking about...
Oh, that's right.

Next up in Granblue Fantasy,
000 (Triple Zero)
What Makes the Sky Blue, Part III

Heh, days as lively as these are new to me.