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Class Points (CP) are a resource spent to access to player class features. They are called Job Points (JP) in Japanese.


CP is used to unlock Classes. All classes beyond the initial four require some amount of CP to unlock, in addition to various other prerequisites. After basic mastery for a class is reached at class level 20, CP can be exchanged for Extended Mastery Points (EMP) to purchase Extended Mastery perks and skills for that class. For classes with Ultimate Mastery, CP is used to purchase Ultimacy items that unlock additional Extended Mastery skills.

Unrelated to player classes, CP is used to purchase Blue-Sky Spirit as part of Stage 2 Eternals Transcendence.

Use Amount
Unlock Row I Classes except for Fighter, Knight, Priest and Wizard 100
Unlock Row II Classes 200
Unlock Row III Classes 300-3000
Unlock Row IV Classes 2500-4000
Unlock Row V Classes 10,000
Unlock Extra Classes 500-1000
Unlock Extra II Classes 3000
Purchase Ultimacy's Dawn, Ultimacy's Star, or Ultimacy's Dewdrop 5000
Purchase Blue-Sky Spirit 20000
Trade for 1 EMP 50